Hilda Baci has made N70 million from cooking class – Lady shares Hilda Baci’s earnings after registering for class (Video).

A Nigerian lady has expressed her shock after discovering that Chef Hilda Baci allegedly made over N70m from her upcoming cooking class, with registration still open.

The lady claimed that she had just registered for the class with a fee of N35k, and estimated that there are over 2000 people already registered for the class.

The lady expressed her disbelief at the amount of money Chef Hilda Baci would make from the class, and urged people to imagine how much more she would make if 500 more people registered.

She said,

“I just registered for Chef Hilda Baci’s class with the sum of N35k there are over 2000 people in her class.

If N35k is multiplied by 2000 people, it equals N70m.

She will be making N70m and registration for the class is still ongoing. Imagine if 500 more people registers.”

The upcoming cooking class is reportedly one of her most popular classes, with many people eager to learn from her.

Despite the high cost of the class, many people have registered, with more expected to do so before the registration deadline.

The news of Chef Hilda Baci’s alleged earnings from the class has sparked a social media debate, with many people expressing their opinions on the matter.

Watch the video below: