He’s dead at least you all won, take ur trophy – Mohbad’s Babymama shares cause of his death

In a heartbreaking revelation, the late Nigerian singer MohBad’s wife revealed the cause of his passing.

She disclosed that MohBad had been battling those who wanted to end his life while also dealing with unhappiness and worries.

Even after the birth of their child, he lost his joy and worried more and more. He persuaded his wife to leave for the sake of their child since he valued his family and was continuously concerned for their safety.

She discussed his problems with ongoing battles and the unfavorable labels attached to him.

He tragically died, leaving a bereaved widow and a moving call for peace.

She wrote; “Nothin makes him happy no more, even after seeing his baby he became more worried, he’s now a family man he doesn’t want anything to happen to us.

“Was supposed to collect my baby’s passport yesterday so we could process our traveling. He always say to me. Wunmi pls go for my baby sake, l wouldn’t want this people to harm you and him it will break me. You just go, let me face them myself. Ilerioluwa rest in peace. You really need that peace.”

His wife further expressed her grief, stating that they had won, making her a widow at just 24 years old.

In her words; “This Nigga struggled till death, too many pains, threatening.he has always lived with fears, continuous fights everywhere he goes too,he has never been happy for a whole day. he was called a junkie, a mad person, mental issue so the public would have another view about him. He’s dead at least you all won, take ur trophy. Y’all made me a widow at 24years. Olorun idajo re daaaa.”