“Her father is dead”: Widow in tears after seeing daughter’s homework marked down

A little girl who got enrolled at a new school, faced disappointment when her sincere answer to a question about who pays their school fees was marked incorrect by the teacher.

The little girl, who has known her mother as both a father and a mother since her father’s passing, ticked “mother” as the answer.

However, the teacher marked down the pupil; an action which left the child’s mother in anguish due to the authenticity of her daughter’s response.

A widow’s struggle to provide for her daughters

The young widow has been shouldering the responsibilities of both parents since her husband’s demise.

With two daughters to care for, she made the difficult decision to change schools, hoping for better educational opportunities. Since her daughters have never experienced a father taking them to school or providing for their needs, they have always seen their mother as their sole caregiver. The pain in the mother’s heart stemmed from the sincerity of her daughter’s answer, reflecting the reality of their fatherless situation.

Mother considers informing teacher about daughter’s fatherless status

Overwhelmed by her daughter’s innocent response and the teacher’s marking, the mother found herself contemplating whether to disclose her daughter’s fatherless status to the teacher.

Concerned that similar classroom activities may arise in the future, she is considering sharing this personal information to avoid any further confusion or misjudgment.

In her words; “Good evening mums and mums-to-be. I just wish to share a pain. Just maybe I’ll be fine from reading soothing comments. I’m a young widow with 2girls and I recently changed school for my daughters as I felt they weren’t doing well in their previous school.

“My 1st daughter of 5 started school in 2021 (@3years), just 2 months after her dad’s demise. All these while, they’ve both known me to be their dad and mum as they see me shouldering all the burdens and thinking alone.

“And with support from caring friends and family.

The picture here is an assignment from her continuous assessment booklet and you could see she ticked “mother” in the question asked about who pays our school fees. Her teacher marked it bad.

“The pain in my heart comes from the sincerity of my daughter’s answer and not the teacher’s marking. My daughters have never experienced a dad taking them to school or asking them what they need for school. It has been me.”

Reactions as mum cries out over teacher’s marking scheme

Zoba Okolie said: “The question is so wrong and shouldn’t be there. Anyone can pay for school uncles, aunts, cousins, family friends etc. Please go change am for the yeye teacher.”

Josephine wrote: “Even in some homes where the Dad is alive the mom pays school fees so marking it wrong shows the teacher needs help.”

Amb Cynthia asked: “Permission to share this post. I’m so pained. Teachers should know how to mark such things now. Times have changed.”