Heaven’s Gain: Drama Minister, Sade Aina (Iya Fadekemi of Abejoye) has gone to be with the Lord

Heaven’s Gain: Drama Minister, Folasade Aina (Iya Fadekemi of Abejoye) has gone to be with the Lord

The sudden demise of Abejoye Star actor (Mama Fadekemi), Evang. Folasade Aina has just announced on Facebook.

Sade Aina who created the popular “AKİYÈSÍ”, a transformational piece on Facebook that has blessed many was called home on Wednesday 19th of October, 2022 after a ghastly motor accident.

Following the announcement of her demise, many gospel drama ministers have take to various platforms to share touching tribute to the late actress, as per her works, her personality and their person relationship.

See some tributes below;

Mount Zion’s Gloria Bamiloye wrote; My darling sister Sade Aina. Your departure caught us unaware.

But we find solace in the promise of the father. We believe you have gone to the back stage waiting for us all. You are a great vision carrier and a devoted minister of God and mother. We will all miss you greatly.

All vision carriers all over the world will miss you greatly.

Our good Lord will surely comfort your dear husband and be a great helper to all those wonderful children you left behind.

Adebola Oluwatimilehin wrote; This hits me deeply!

The very first time I worked with mummy Sade Aina was on the set of peril.

Oh no! She is a mother! Very meek, pure, humble and gentle.

God knows best… Words can’t express it all but we truly lost an amazing mother..

I will forever cherish the short time we spent together. You left an indelible mark. 

Rest in peace great woman of God. You will be missed.

Kayode Samuel wrote; This world is a stage..we all found ourselves in this stage to pay our own part….

Many general in faith as lay down the sword.. They have go behind the stage.. Into glorious home…to be wit saints…

Mummy Sade Aina Folasade Modupe..painful to hear this news. But we can’t ask God how?

You’ve play ur own role well Now you’ve leave the stage……to join the rest saints that have gone before u…

It’s had to blve this..but it’s true ..we love u,family love u, the whole drama love u. .

But Our Lord JESUS Christ loved most.. Sleep on mummy Sade..

Emmanuel Ojo: The film by Sade Aina was shot exactly one year GLITTER BUT NOT GOLD,

I was unaware that you were coming to say your goodbyes when you and your entire family left Ajah just last month to visit me.

I still find it hard to believe you left the stage after all the times we spent together.

Sister Sade is extremely adaptable, modest, good at interpretation of roles and always prepared for duty when Master calls for it on the job for ministration and location.

2days ago, you left the stage to the backstage to lay down your costumes. What a miss!

What a rude shock! Only God, Our Master, is truly wise. To Him be all the Glory .

May God give Ancedram and your family the strength to deal with this loss.

We love you, Sister Sade, but God adores you even more. Rest in Peace

Mike Bamiloye wrote; We were there together at the Elders COUPLES BANQUET at Ijebu Ode on Saturday last week, just a week ago. I commented on your Transformational Ranting where you always hive scriptural Counsel since you caught the Vision at the MZI during one of the Refreshers Classes.

You began then and you never stopped till you bowed out of the Drama Stage of Life. 

You have been so zealous and fervent in Drama Ministry attending various film Locations. 

You have played the Role of IYA FADEKEMI In ABEJOYE Movie Series. Now you bowed out to the Back Stage in Heaven. 

Good Night, Dear Sister. Go ahead and receive your Rewards of the Great Works Done. God bless your Children and your Great humble Husband.

Adeniyi Famewo wrote; Very hard to say till we meet at the feet of Christ, Mummy Sade Aina…

I don’t know that to sayOh God we submit to your will. Rest in Peace. The gospel drama world will continue to miss you.

Femi Adebile: May God preserve all our drama ministers

May we never be few! Drama ministers are travellers, May God preserve our going out and coming in

Good night. Mummy Sade Aina