He takes his bedsheet to hotels in case I insist on video call – Lady cries out after finding out boyfriend is cheating on her

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A young Nigerian lady has narrated how she found out that her boyfriend was [email protected] on her.

According to her, she paid him a surprise visit and he wasn’t at home. She called him asking where he was, and to her surprise, he lied that he was at home in his room. However, at that moment, she was in the same room he claimed to be in.

He went on to show her his bed sheets to prove that he wasn’t lying to her. That was how she discovered that her boyfriend usually carries his bed sheets while going to any hotel to cheat.

She wrote:

“One day, I decided to surprise my boyfriend with my arrival but he wasn’t home. I called him on video call, he told me he was in his room and showed me his bed sheet. I nearly ran mad because I was in the same room.

“Can you believe he carries his bedsheet to different hotels to cheat whenever i travel? We do video calls every evening and he’d replace the hotel bedsheet with his own so i wouldn’t suspect or question him.”