He started acting like a girl in 2018 – Mum of viral hawker Eniola speaks, addresses claim of using him for rituals (VIDEO)


“He started acting like a girl in 2018” – Mum of viral hawker speaks, addresses claim of using him for rituals


Mrs. Adeleke Kafayat, mother of Eniola, the makeup artist who made waves for pulling a fast one on Brain Jotter and others, has finally opened up about the situation.

In the aftermath of the viral saga where the initially perceived female makeup artist turned out to be a guy, Eniola’s mum has stepped into the limelight.

Recall that the makeup artist, Eniola, who was later discovered to actually be a boy, went viral after skitmaker Brainjotter gave him N400k.

The lad’s mom recently engaged in an interview with media personality Akin Abolade, laying bare the beginning of her son’s deceitful escapades.

In a viral video, the woman, who has four children, set the record straight, asserting that her son’s true name is Sultan, not Eniola as he professed. Delving deeper, she unveiled that despite the physically challenged boy’s insistence on being 23, his actual age is 18.

Sultan’s mother disclosed that she welcomed him into the world in 2005, substantiating her claim with the presentation of his birth certificate and adorable baby photos as concrete evidence.

In the interview, Sultan’s mother disclosed that he began adopting a feminine persona in Osogbo approximately in 2018. Despite his recurrent attempts to run away from home, she highlighted the family’s persistent efforts to bring him back. The decisive moment unfolded in 2020 when her son ultimately absconded to Lagos.

Mrs. Kafayat Adeleke responded to her son Sultan’s (Eniola) allegations of her intending to use him for money rituals. Expressing profound hurt, she declared it to be the most painful aspect of her son’s actions, emphasizing that he was the one she showered with the most love. She invited the interviewer to Osogbo, encouraging them to verify the truth of any of the claims made by her son.

Contrary to Sultan’s (Eniola) assertion of sending money to his mother, she dismissed such claims, revealing that she recently sought financial assistance from him when he went viral online. She explained that she asked him to send any little amount now that people have been helping him in big ways.

However, her son told her that it’s not yet her turn and her turn is coming. The visibly distressed woman shared how her son’s actions had brought her to tears on numerous occasions.

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