He never set foot there – Reactions as Man dies shortly after the completion of his house.

A construction engineer has shared the sad story of how a man passed away shortly after the completion of his building project.

Taking to Twitter, the engineer who goes by the handle @cenas_j, revealed that the deceased, identified simply as Mr. Fred, tragically passed away without ever setting foot in the house that had been constructed for him.

He mentioned that such occurrences are occasional in his line of work, where a client dies after investing significant time and resources in constructing a house.

He posted a photo of the beautiful house and wrote,

“One thing that saddens me is when a client takes their time and resources and channels it to construct such a grand house and then DEATH knocks at their door and they’ve to leave all that behind without even setting foot in them. Rest well Mr. Fred. This is sad!”

The sad incident has sparked a flurry of responses on social media, with many sharing their experiences of acquaintances who similarly met their demise after building their homes.

Read some comments below,

@felix_makinda wrote, “Strangely, there are two classmates who did such projects for their parents and they did not step in those houses. Both succumbed to cancer few months ago. Isolated incidents but similar storyline. Kisii.”

@kaundagilbert wrote, “Happens. In some cases just when you’re about to complete the house. We lost Mum less than two years after she moved into a new house, albeit not fully completed.”

@regan_2540 wrote, “This story is just sad. Still can’t believe Fred is gone. From our home on the other side of the river I could see light shining from the house everyday and it is beautifully conspicuous. The man worked so hard to achieve this”

@frank_onyaek wrote, “So sad and painful, to everyone; family and even to the engineer who took his time to bring such a beautiful house and death takes his boss, it’s always our pride to see our clients enjoy luxuriously on the works of our knowledge. My heartfelt and sympathies to Mr.Fred “