He is impotent: Woman confesses as she gets pregn@nt outside marriage, bears children for her husband

A Nigerian woman discovered after marriage that her husband cannot make a woman pr€gnant.

Instead of shouting and making noise about the situation, she chose to keep calm and stay married to the man.

The woman, however, kept getting pr€gnant outside the marriage with other men and bearing children under her husband’s roof.

She said one day, her husband came back and told her he got another woman pr€gnant and also sought her forgiveness.

She said the lady who got pr€gnant for her husband wants to be settled off and sent abroad to keep quiet about the pr€gnancy.

Husband is unable to make babies

The woman said she was surprised because she is aware her husband is unable to make any woman pr€gnant. She wrote in the leaked message:

“Now, I don’t know how to tell my husband that the woman is just a chronic liar.

I’m that confident because I know my husband is medically imp0tent.

However, I’m scared I will lose my marriage if he gets to know that the kids at home are also not his.”

The leaked message posted on Facebook by Princess Chelsea has elicited many reactions

Reactions as lady gets pr€gnant many times outside her marriage

UcdeProf Okafor said: “I don’t see any issue here.

The wife should forgive him and ask him to bring the money fess.

Then pretend as if nothing happened. If she want to put herself into trouble by herself, then let her talk.”

Osato Ehimwenma commented: “Lovely family.”