“He has 50/50 chances” – VeryDarkMan gives update on Mr Ibu’s health

Mr Ibus leg is decaying AGN gave family 700k from N5M donation Verydarkman spills during visit to hospital

VeryDarkMan gives update on Mr Ibu’s health

The activist VeryDarkMan said that Mr. Ibu is in need of prayers right now when he posted an update on the veteran’s health on his Instagram page.

As of right now, Verydarkman claims that the actor’s condition has not really improved, thus it appears as though the donations are being wasted.

He emphasized that Ibu’s health is failing and that he needs more prayers at this time.

Verydarkman further indicated that he believes Mr. Ibu will recover faster if he is taken abroad because Nigerian hospitals are inadequately equipped.

He also stated that the doctors want to perform another operation on him but are now monitoring him because they are concerned that if he is injected with anaesthetic, it will travel down to his heart and instantly kill him.

He also encouraged people to keep donating whatever they could, since it would help a lot.

This comes only days after Mr. Ibu’s daughter, Jasmine Chioma, claimed that her father had just undergone two major surgeries.

She gave followers a glimmer of optimism when she said he was recovering, underscoring how strong and witty he is even in agony.


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