“He eats bread every day”: – Pretty Nigerian lady shares reason for ending talking stage with admirer


On the X app, a Nigerian woman revealed the peculiar justification for breaking up contact with an admirer. The user @kaaego claimed that throughout their discussing phase of their relationship, she had to unexpectedly cancel plans.

Lady in shock over admirer’s daily consumption of bread

Kaaego noted that her decision was fuelled by her findings about the young man always eating bread.

Whenever she asked the guy what he had for breakfast or lunch, he would tell her bread, and this didn’t sit well with her. Kaaego shared her experience in response to a tweep who asked:

“When did you realize they were NOT the one for you mid-talking stage?” Buttressing her point further, she searched the word ‘bread’ in their chats and discovered that he mentioned it 42 times.

She tweeted: “Walai; every time I ask what he ate it’s always bread?”

Reactions as lady ends things with man over daily consumption of bread

Netizens have taken turns to share their thoughts about the lady’s ordeal and her decision to end the relationship.

Hemiloluwa said: “Man can’t even eat bread in peace?”

Canny Brainny stated: “I hope you told him “man shall not live by bread alone” before you left.”

Jet Daniel reacted: “I ate bread every day as a bachelor not because I was broke but because I didn’t have the time to cook what I wanted. It was just work work every time. If you were smart you’d know that that’s where you should come in. That’s where you should complete him.”

Zee Lee said: “He’s just like me cause I honestly can’t go 2 days without eating bread.”

Bearded Maverick added: “What if he’s the breadwinner of his family.” See the post below:

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