“He did well” – Remi Bangboje commends Pastor who insisted the bride must present two relatives to hand her over, else they cancel the wedding (VIDEO)

Popular gospel drama minister and marriage expert, Remi Bangboje has reacted to the viral clip that captured the moment leading pastor of Shekinah Arena Gospel Ministries, Evang. Gospel Agochukwu refused to join an intending couple in holy matrimony.

Evang. Gospel Agochukwu shared the video clip on his Facebook page, noting that he almost got a wedding canceled because the bride had not close relative present at the wedding to hand her over to her husband-to-be.

Evang. Gospel Agochukwu insisted that the wedding would not continue unless the bride presents her mother who is his church member and also a man who will represent the father to the bride.

According to him, one of the reasons for the need of a man in the process is to have a father figure who will be able to challenge the groom in the marriage in case things go downtown.

He also added that the ‘handing-over’ of the bride to the groom by the bride’s family is a very crucial stage that should not be jumped since the bride didn’t fall from the sky.

After a few minutes, the bride was able to present her mother and one of her younger brothers, who played the role of her father in the unification.

Reacting to this, Evang. Remi Bangboje said she loved how the pastor insisted on his decision because any step wrongly taken at the entrance of the4 marriage can lead to serious issues in the marriage.

‘I love the way the pastor handle this issue… When wrong step is taken at the entrance of marriage, what do you expect? This is one of the faulty foundation that people are ignorant of….’ – She captioned the video.