‘He cheated when we were dating but I forgave him’ – Lady in tears as groom vanishes after their wedding reception, opens up

Lady in tears as groom vanishes after their wedding reception, opens up

A lady identified as Hope Susan has revealed that her groom disappeared after her wedding reception. Speaking with Afrimax, the lady narrated how she met her man and how things took a quick sad turn.

How Hope met her estranged husband

Hope recalled how she met her man in her second year in college, no thanks to a trip she and her friends were preparing.

She said that it happened that the man volunteered to pay for her to be a part of the trip as she didn’t have money.

What followed next was that he picked interest in her and got her phone number from a friend because she refused to give it out. Eventually, she gave in to him and they began planning towards the wedding.

Hope said she didn’t really put effort into knowing him well as she was torn between schoolwork and marriage preparations. The lady recalled that she prayed for her wedding and had a dream in which she wore a black gown. Yet, they went ahead with the wedding.

Hope’s husband goes missing

Hope narrated several events that made her realize that their wedding was a disaster waiting to happen. One was when the groom suddenly disappeared after they cut the cake at the wedding reception.

When he finally reappeared, he had no plans for their honeymoon, according to Hope. Hope said he instead took her to his mum’s house where they began to live as a couple.

From there, she would learn that he was not only deceitful but a cheat. She narrated a particular time she found out about his escapades.

“I remember he had told me he had gone to another country. I met him crossing the road with a woman. You know, they were going where they had parked the car and he had lied to me that he left the car in the airport and gone to another country.

“And he was calling me, you know with Whatsapp, telling me he is not in the country and telling me how it is and how they have arrived.”

Hope said she repeatedly forgave his wrongdoing until the last straw that broke the camel’s back, wherein her man and his concubine set her up and she was arrested.

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