“Have you forgotten you lost your first son this year?” – Reactions as Yul Edochie says 2023 is his best year on earth

yul edochie

Controversial Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie has come under heavy criticism again as he explains why 2023 is his greatest year on earth.

As he draws the curtain on 2023, the actor took the opportunity to thank God for an incredible year.

He hailed 2023 as his greatest year yet, and stated that God had lavished him with blessings.

Yul Edochie voiced optimism for an even better 2024, noting that the benefits he expects in the following year will make those of 2023 look like child’s play.

In his words:

“2023 has been my best year so far. Thank You Lord for your blessings & all. I can’t even thank God enough. 2024 will be outstanding. 2023 will be child’s play compared to the blessings that will follow me in 2024.

And for that, I say THANK YOU LORD. May your Name be praised forever, Amen. 2024 we go harder.”


Many have questioned why he decided to identify the year as his greatest, despite the fact that he had lost his son inside the year.

Read some reactions below:

@godlians_ibile wrote: “I didn’t know that losing someone to the cold hands of death is a great achievement for Nigerians.”

@ebysweden wrote: “The best post you ever made! The year you lost your first son is your best year? Even your kwashiorkor poverty stricken, Herod and Nebuchadnezzar like self-know that you need help. It’s your best post because you are a baby crying for help and the people closest to you don’t know this! Your kinsmen are supposed to bind you with ropes by now but even them are laughing behind closed doors. What a sad story😢”

@kateitec said: “I don’t usually comment on posts, but I was moved to do this. What kind of a father are u, The year u lost ur son, u called it the best year. Are u sure u are ok at all. Even me dat lost my father I the year 2005, I still see it as the worst year. How much u dat lost ur blood. U are not well at all. Now I believe u are sick.cause wtf….”

@yonancy asked: “Same year you lost your 16yrs old son it is well”

See his post below:


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