All your side chicks are in my DM Halima Abubakar dares to expose Apst. Suleman as she resumes dragging clergyman.

Halima Abubakar, a prominent Nollywood actress, is not done with her feud with popular pastor, Apostle Johnson Suleman.

The Hollywood star, who has been bedridden for several months, has resumed dragging the cleric.

Halima pledged to drag the pastor to death in a series of Instagram stories, declaring herself the wrong person to punish.

Threatening him, Halima remarked that the chicks she gave him are flocking to him and that she isn’t afraid of him.

The actress stated that his side women are in her DMs as she cursed him.

“The chicks I gave you are coming in droves. You have no remorse whatsoever.

If you like a snap with Putin, no one is scared of you JS. Papi, I am the wrong person to hurt.

All your chick are in my dms Papi”

“I will drag you till thy kingdom come, those who fear God shall be forgiven.

Stop playing Papi. I haven’t said anything about you yet”

“Don’t listen to canal pastors. Who excuses is I’m human too. Then proceed to 3some. A liar with no limit.

I can never sit and listen to such people.

May God continue to punish you, Papi. Where ever you are, you will never have peace”.