“Gree for somebody this year”- Nathaniel Bassey schools singles

A hilarious piece of advice, delivered by singer Nathaniel Bassey, is for unmarried people in 2024 to “gree for somebody.”


This goes against the common adage, “no gree for anybody,” which emphasizes resiliency and persistence in Nigerian circumstances.


Recall that Nathaniel Bassey, recently drew Frank Edwards’ attention to marriage.


This comes after the ‘Omenma’ hitmaker took to Instagram to share a vlog post about his trip from Lagos to Abuja.


The gospel singer began the video by capturing his moment at home until he exited his house and boarded a car that took him to the airport.


Unfortunately, a flight delay occurred; a journey scheduled to begin at 8 a.m. was pushed back to 9 a.m., forcing him to shop for perfume while waiting for takeoff.

Nathaniel Bassey reminded Frank Edwards about marriage in the post’s comments section, telling him that his house needed a “Mrs.”


In his words: “By the way, this home needs a MRS…”


Reacting to the comment, Frank Edwards confirmed and agreed with Nathaniel Bassey’s observation.


He wrote: “Mog you have sparked oh and there will be a MRS!!.”