Good example – Nigerian worker Ngozi returns $70,000 (55Million Naira) man misplaced in hotel

A Nigerian lady, Kekwaaru Ngozi Mary, has been praised by many for returning the $70,000 (54,355,000) a customer misplaced.

According to a Vanguard report, the incident happened at the Eko Hotel and Suites, where she works.

Ngozi returned $70,000 in hotel

The lady did not touch any part of the huge sum before returning. Many people said that she is a perfect example of honesty at a time many would have done otherwise

A TikTok video shared by @voiceofourancestorch has gathered some reactions. Some people condemned her act. Watch the clip below:

Senior Man compiled some of the reactions below:

KB D GENTLE said: “The money fall at the wrong hand if na me I don dey Dubai by now.”

Sylvester said: “Una dey advise make she carry such money run. Where she wan carry am pass abi una think say na all those local hotels. She will surely be caught later.”

Daddy whizzy said: “You no go make am nomo.”

Blaze said: “She will remain poor for the rest of her life.”

salambabalola said: “Una be thief did you think if she carry the money run she fit go free.”

De Kelly said: “Na poor woman you go die, how much he gives you, he pass 2 million? kolo, God make me see this favor please.”

@icey_ree said: “Cashless economy has changed me because it’s hard to imagine people having this amount in cash.”

@esosaleonard said: “There are people in this life that are not moved by another person’s property. It’s just who they are.”


Eko Hotel and Suites,Lagos. Miss. kekwaaru Ngozi Mary has returned a misplaced $70,000 to a customer in Lagos. #Nigerians #nigeriantiktok #arewa #Yoruba #Hausa #Fulani

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