God Abeg oh – Video trends as a group of men spotted pushing an aircraft at a Nigerian airport (Watch).

A video has been making the rounds on social media of some group of men pushing an aircraft at a Nigerian airport and by extension generated mixed reactions.

In the trending video, the aircraft while attempting to take a flight with some numbers of people already inside it was seen undergoing “push-and-start” with the help of airport workers.

As expected, the scene in the video led to the derision and mockery of the Nigerian aviation sector with the general impression that that the aircraft was faulty and not airworthy.

However, some internet users claimed that the process of pushing an aircraft – especially from a hangar – is a normal process in prepping an aircraft for flight.

An Instagram user identified as natashabankz7 wrote; “When I thought I have seen it all😂😂😂Nigeria my Country 😂😂.”

Another IG user identified as yallmeetayomide stated; It’s a normal thing happening there.

Aeroplane do not have any system that allows them to move the aircraft backwards.

This is where ground crews come into play with pushback tractors. That’s what you see the crew doing. 

See reactions below;

baneli_prohair: Nigerians will video everything an put online making Nigeria a world laughing stock as this things do not happen anywhere else.

Later una go say them Dey treat una badly for other countries.

sweet__psych00: God abeg o.

unusual_mbryo: JESU!!!! 😢.

stkathryns: This happens everywhere anyways but the different is that their people don’t post it on social media to ridicule their country.

I still saw an emirate air bus being towed yesterday, no one posted about it.

Nigeria is not the worst country on earth but Nigerians make the country look really bad.

alex_hair_god: Push and start 😂😂😂.

rodriguezabion100: Nigeria wey Nepa office dey use generator police station dey close by 7pm light dey off for airport thief dey rob police station 😂😂😂😂this one no fit shock me don’t be surprised if you see them push ship on top water.

tiaravibez: This is not funny ooo… me I no wan enter this kain plane ooo.. wey dem go push before e start ahhh.

wewe_of_lagos__: Nigeria will always ridicule their country, this happen everywhere in the world, airplane ✈️ don’t have any system that allows it’s move backwards.

But Nigeria will always come on social media to paint the country bad.

Watch the video below;