She get mind: – Girl tells 9ja mum she got [email protected] for married [email protected] with 2 w!ves

A trending video captured on TikTok shows two ladies pranking their mother about getting [email protected] for a married [email protected] who has two wives.

They both stopped their mother when she was leaving for a meeting and asked her to sit down for a brief discussion.

The girl who claimed to be [email protected], went ahead to beg her mother not to tell their dad what they were about to disclose to her.

She claimed to her mother that she was [email protected] and her mother acted calmly at first as she guessed that Peter was responsible.

However, her attitude changed after the girl opened up that it was a married [email protected] who already has two w!ves. In the video, the furious woman jumped and screamed before proceeding to [email protected] her daughter.

When her sister came to intervene, she [email protected] her as well. After a while, they both revealed to their mother that it was a prank and she instantly became calm.

Social media reactions:

@Busayooo said: “For Nigeria household, if one person do something na every other siblings go collect.”

@Clancy wrote: “Why is she [email protected] even the girl that is not [email protected]

@SAMLOVEGP commented: “If Peter Dey watch this video make him just know say them accept am for the family.”

@Chimamanda reacted: “No matter how grown you are, you can never outgrow parental [email protected]

@user513817598782 added: “Your mama good oo if na my mama she go run go outside dey shut make una come ooo before you go tell her say na prank all d villagers don come out.”

@sweet sixteen replied: “I love ur mum so much. I wish her all d best in life. She is a real mother. God bless u ma.” Watch the video below: