Part 9
Opeyemi Akintunde

“ You should be hungry after the Long trip!” Seun said obviously trying to change the direction of the conversation…

“ No I am fine… I bought few snacks on my way…” I replied stating him in the eyes with the silent conversation that I wanted to hear his Wife’s story.

However, we both became quiet…

“ You haven’t…” I was saying when he also started speaking

“ When we got…!” He said simultaneously

We both laughed at the simultaneous talk…

“ Patience! I need to learn it… I always want to get to the root of an issue!” I said laughing, defending my impatience

“ It’s fine… “ he said, but after a short pause, he continued…

“After my wife and I got to Mororo, we rented a mini apartment very close to her parent’s house…She started preaching to little children, teenagers and youths. The Christian story was intriguing and interesting to the young ones…

Gradually, mothers started following their children to the services. Husbands started following their wives… The Church became more of a new social society. It was more of My wife telling Bible stories and afterwards , the members would eat and drink…

This didn’t sit well with me, because I remembered how Pastor John’s service used to look and feel like back in the city. It was always filled with singing, reading the Bible and drawing out revelations from the stories. I knew prayers were always said. However, the church my wife was heading was more of a party than a spiritual place…

I remember calling her attention to it…

“ Dear, can we invite Pastor John to have a weekend program with us in Mororo!”

“ Why? Are we not doing enough?” She said

“ We are, But I feel there are some aspects of Christianity we are yet to include in what we are teaching the Mororo people!”

“ Like?”

“ I really cannot place it, but I have that feeling something is not totally right!”

My Wife had hissed and walked out on me. I had to later apologize for doubting her spiritual competence.

Months later, My Wife’s mother summoned both of us to her room!

“ Orisabunmi, the time has come !” My mother in law had said and My wife and I exchanged looks.

“ Time for what?” My wife asked

“ To enter into your destiny!” My mother in Law said

“ What destiny? Maami, what are you talking about?”

“ You are a product of the kindness of the river goddess. When I was barren for 11 years, the river goddess was the one who came to my rescue and gave you to me…and ever since you got married, we haven’t heard the cry of a baby in your house. I decided to go back to the river goddess through the cult I belong to, to ask questions.

“ Adesewa, you came to pick one of my daughters, and made her a messenger of a foreign God!” Yeye the head of the Witchcraft cult had spoken on behalf of the river goddess.

“ Ha! Goddess ooo, I am sorry, Orisabunmi is still your daughter, she only brought a new way of life for the people, the lifestyle of the city people!”

“ The Lifestyle That does not allow her to serve me…!”

“ I am sorry! “

“ Well, let her continue, That’s your choice, at least you are comfortable with not having grandchildren!”

“ Ha! Is that why she has been unable to bear children?”

“ She needs to be married to her Spirit Husband, then he will give her permission to give birth for the physical Husband!” Yeye had said

“ My wife and I had looked at each other very shocked and confused… My mother in law meant business…

“ I am not asking you to stop what you are doing, I mean the Christian thing, but you need to remember your source, you need to be indoctrinated back into the cult and thereafter a Spiritual marriage will be conducted, which will give the permission to have physical children!”

“ Never! I am the only husband of my wife!” I had said furiously, but my wife sat very quietly looking very lost….

“ Bunmi won’t you say something!” I said expecting her to refuse the offer…

“ Maami, is that all I have to do?” I heard my wife saying unbelievably….

I looked at her very shocked and what she said to me that got my eyes popped was…

“ Give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar and Give unto the Lord, what belongs to the Lord…!”

Part 10
Opeyemi Akintunde

“ What? She said that?” I was beyond shocked.

I knew what it felt like for a woman to be childless. I knew desperation could set in. I had been in those shoes so I knew how well it hurt, but I wasn’t sure wanting to have a child could push me into witchcraft.

“ I know she was desperate to have a child, especially since my parents were placing serious pressure on her, but I tried encouraging her to be strong, but she would not have it!”

“ Seun, God is the one who gave the witches the power they are also using… Can anyone do anything If God does not give the power to them… They can also create children!”

“ No BUNMI, they cannot create children, my mother once told me that some of the children gotten from wicked powers are sometimes animals or demons projected in women’s body who through incantations take the form of humans. That is why you see some children behaving like certain animals… Mother also said some children are actually from God, but the moment you go to the wrong places, they deceitfully claim the ownership of the child and in a bid place evil restrictions on that child! Besides, you are a pastor, doing this will be a disgrace. Don’t do what will not make you fit to be a pastor anymore!”

Bunmi had clapped…

“ Not fit? I knew this was your plan, you want to become the pastor in charge of the church, take it, Seun, take it…”

“ Bunmi had said that and I thought it was just an empty threat. The next day during the Bible study. She had stood up in front of the group…” Seun was saying to a perplexed me.

“God is the same in all religion, My Husband and I have decided to serve you people better. He will be leading you in the Christian way, while I have decided to go the traditional way. This way I am able to correct the evil in that religion!” Bunmi said

“ I knew that was not my wife speaking, so I pulled her aside asking her if she was alright, but instead I got a slap. Things went from bad to worse, and from worse to Terrible. It felt like she was under a spell. What was baffling was the fact that she was doing all she was doing to have a child, but yet she wasn’t friendly with me; the man she ought to have the child with.”

I maintained total silence as I was lost for the right words…

“ So she joined them and the rest they say is history. To me she is good as dead. Though I am not fully rooted in Christianity, I can and will not dine with evil.!” Seun said finally

“ But why did you decide to stay back in Mororo?” I asked

“ To prove a point…!”

“ Which is?”

“ Christianity will survive in Mororo without Bunmi!”

I looked on at Seun dumbstruck.

Was Christianity just a competition to him?

No wonder Mororo was the way it was! The foundation of the Christianity practiced there was weak… They were not serving God for Who He is, But they were trying to prove a point…