ghost run opeyemi akintunde

©Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

After declaring the Word, I pushed myself against the Adegbile sisters and I
was shocked to find that I pas-sed throu-gh them. They bec@m£ transparent

The screams that followed from the villagers were loud…

“What just happened?” One of the twins said
The Priestess of Mororo also walked towards the entrance, she must have
heard the news…

The enraged twins rushed towards me but as they tried to get hold of me,
their hands pas-sed throu-gh my b©dy…
The villagers including the priestess were surprised. The Adegbile sisters
began to chant different incantations against me…

“For there is no enchantment against Adenike, no divination against
Adenike; now it shall be said of Adenike Badmus, ‘What has God wrou-ght!
Adegbile Sisters, Your enchantment against me can’t work, you killed two
men that were dare to me, but I still choose to forgive you.

My advice is you st©p this child’s pla-y. Witchcraft is Child’s pla-y, the real
power source is from God. It is only because we fail to draw closer to God and
draw power from Him that it seems like Christians are powerless… I am not
powerless, so st©p the child’s pla-y…”

The Adegbile sisters thought I was joking as they made one more attempt to
attack me. This time around I showed no Mercy…

“Angel of the Living God that shows no Mercy deal with this enemies of God
in Jesus name!” I said and to the amazement of everyone pres£nt, invisible. hands took the Adegbile sisters and began to ban-g them on the floor till their
br@ins gushed out…

And there was silence in the land! The people of Mororo knew there was a
God greater than the witches of the Land…

©Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

I stood before the people beside the reservoir…..The Priestess after seeing
what God could do ordered Tunde to be re-leased… The king was pres£nt…
“Ezekiel 18: 1- the end, I re-ad ….
1The LORD spoke to me 2and said, “What is this proverb people keep
repeating in the land of Israel?

‘The parents ate the sour gr@p£s,

But the children got the sour taste.’
3“As surely as I am the living God,” says the Sovereign LORD, “you will not
repeat this proverb in Israel any more. 4The life of every person belongs to
me, the life of the parent as well as that of the child. The person who sins is
the one who will die.

5“Suppose there is a truly good man, righteous and honest. 6He doesn’t
worsh!pthe idols of the Israelites or eat the sacrifices offered at forbidden
shrines. He doesn’t s£dûç£another man’s wife or have int£rç0rs£with a
woman during her period.

7He doesn’t cheat or rob anyone. He returns what a borrower gives him as security; he feeds the hungry and gives clothing to
the n-ked. 8He doesn’t lend money for profit. He refuses to do evil and gives
an honest decision in any dispute. 9Such a man obeys my commands and
carefully keeps my laws. He is righteous, and he will live,” says the
Sovereign LORD.

10“Then suppose this man has a son who robs and kills, who does any of
these things 11that the father never did. He eats sacrifices offered at
forbidden shrines and s£dûç£s other men’s wives.

12He cheats the poor, he
robs, he keeps what a borrower gives him as security. He goes to pagan
shrines, worsh!ps disgusting idols, 13and lends money for profit. Will he
live? No, he will not. He has done all these disgusting things, and so he will
die. He will be to blame for his own death.
14“Now suppose this second man has a son.

He sees all the sins his father practised, but does not follow his example. 15He doesn’t worsh!pthe idols of the Israelites or eat the sacrifices offered at forbidden shrines. He doesn’t s£dûç£another man’s wife 16or oppress anyone or rob anyone. He returns
what a borrower gives him as security. He feeds the hungry and gives clothing
to the n-ked.

17He refuses to do evil and doesn’t lend money for profit. He keeps my laws and obeys my commands. He will not die because of his father’s sins, but he will certainly live. 18His father, on the other hand, cheated and robbe-d, and always did evil to everyone. And so he died because of the sins he himself had committed.

19“But you ask, ‘Why shouldn’t the son suffer because of his father’s sins?’
The answer is that the son did what was right and good. He kept my laws and
followed them carefully, and so he will certainly live.

20It is the one who sins
who will die. A son is not to suffer because of his father’s sins, nor a father
because of the sins of his son. A good person will be rewarded for doing good, and an evil person will suffer for the evil he does.

21“If an evil person st©ps sinning and keeps my laws, if he does what is right
and good, he will not die; he will certainly live.

22All his sins will be forgiven,
and he will live, because he did what is right.

23Do you think I enjoy seeing
an evil person die?” asks the Sovereign LORD. “No, I would rather see him
repent and live.

24“But if a righteous person st©ps doing good and starts doing all the evil,
disgusting things that evil people do, will he go on living? No! None of the
good he did will be remembered. He will die because of his unfaithfulness
and his sins.

25“But you say, ‘What the Lord does isn’t right.’ Listen to me, you Israelites.
Do you think my way of doing things isn’t right? It is your way that isn’t

26When a righteous person st©ps doing good and starts doing evil and
then dies, he dies because of the evil he has done.

27When someone evil st©ps
sinning and does what is right and good, he saves his life.

28He realizes what
he is doing and st©ps sinning, so he will certainly not die, but go on

29And you Israelites say, ‘What the Lord does isn’t right.’ You think
my way isn’t right, do you? It is your way that isn’t right.

30“Now I, the Sovereign LORD, am telling you Israelites that I will judge
each of you by what you have done. Turn away from all the evil you are doing,
and don’t let your sin destroy you.

31Give up all the evil you have been doing,
and get yourselves new minds and hearts. Why do you Israelites want to die?32I do not want anyone to die,” says the Sovereign LORD. “Turn away from
your sins and live.”

I re-ad this entire scripture to them, and I didn’t nee-d to preach any other
message. They all un-derstood the scripture. I explain the background story
of the Mororo people to them and the King was surprised I knew the story.

Bunmi was surprised as well. They asked how I knew about the story, I told them God revealed it to me. One after the other, they pointed out what they had learnt from the scripture…

“What you re-ad tells us that it doesn’t really matter what our forefathers have
done, what matters is what we choose to do. If we continue to live like them
we will remain in darkness, but I we change OUR WAYS, our lives will be
better than theirs.” said the witch girl I saw the first day Adeyanju and I stepped into Mororo.

It was a solemn as-sembly, everyone gave their lives to Christ. Bunmi wept
profusely, and Seun went towards her to hvg her.
It was a beautiful one…