©Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

“Right from the gate of Kulewa village, you will be asked if you are a Christian and have come to evangelize, if your answer is positive, you will be immediately turned back.”

“So what is your guise, I mean what are you planning to use as your cover?”I asked Remi

“After praying the Prayer of Enquiry, I had a revelation of the Kulewa village, I noticed the land was a dry land where it was hard to plant food for people to eat. On waking up, I narrated the revelation to Mr. Tunde who went to the city to do a physical research, for a fact he actually discovered, the Kulewa people had agricultural problem: their ground was hard and therefore could not arm on it. They bought food from neighboring villages…”

“Ok?” I asked

“Fortunately for me, my elder brother studied agricultural science, and just last week, Tunde Sword gave me a one week Pass to meet with him. I told my brother about my vision to help the Kulewa people with Agriculture and the dry and hard soil restrain. With his expertise, experience and Research, we have found a solution to their agricultural issue.”

“Which is?” I asked

“Rooftop farming? Remi answered

“Really? What is that?”

“Rooftop farming is the type of agricultural farming done on the roof of the house, so since the Kulewa ground is very hard, we will introduced rooftop farming to them, help them kick start it and after helping them within a year, having gained their love and trust, I will introduce Christ to them…” Remi said excitedly

“Wow! This is a great plan. It will definitely work out well…But since you have your game plan, what are you still doing here?”

“Tunde Sword has not released me, I guess there are still quite a lot I need to learn” He replied

“Are the Peleta people saved now?” I asked wanting to know more about Tunde Sword.

“Yes, Tunde Sword said he returned to Peleta much later with his guise. The Peleta people did not recognize him as previously he had only spent a day, the same day his family was burnt to Ashes.

He said God had revealed to him, that a strong curse was upon the women of Peleta, which he later confirmed, they mostly found it hard to conceive, and when they get pregnant, they mostly died after delivery. Tunde Sword said he approached a lot of Health foundations, who agreed to go with Him, and help the women as regards conception, medically, it was discovered that most of the women had fibroid, and high blood pressure during pregnancy… All these did the health foundations help the Peleta people with, it was through this, Tunde Sword became friends with the King of Peleta.

Gradually, Tunde Sword Preached Christ to him and revealed His identity as the missionary that got his wife and children killed some years back. This was what got the King and the People of Peleta emotional: the fact that he still showed them love despite being the people that killed his family. The Peleta people decide to serve the God of Tunde Sword. Tunde Sword said they even gave him 5 women for free as a compensation for his wife and children” Remi said laughing…

“Wow, it really takes genuine love for God to go back to a mission field where you have been hurt.”

“Love for souls, Love of God… Another topic Tunde Sword will take you through” Remi said smiling

“Hmmm…. Remilekun and Adenike, it is late, you should both retire to your tents…” We heard Tunde Sword say from a distance….

As I looked at him Pitifully, I heard in my Spirit…

“You will make all his pain go away”

©Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

I laid on my bed that night praying in my heart that the Lord would reveal to me, the need of Mororo.


I saw an angry looking man going towards a big river. He was dressed like an ancient warrior. He was tall and very huge…he was sweating profusely.
On getting to the bank of the water, he started shouting loud and clear…

“River goddess, why is it that you have refused to assist me in my wars? Ever since I became the Balogun (Chief Warrior) of this village, I have not won any battle.” He said

A mermaid figure came out of the water and spoke to him…

“I can’t show my full support for you since, you have refused to enter a covenant with me…”

“What you are asking for in other to bind this covenant is beyond me, you are asking that I dedicate my entire lineage to the worship of you, but I am afraid of what the future holds. What If some of them decide to worship other gods or the women in my generation get married to men who worship other gods, won’t you get angry and destroy them? Can’t you enter the covenant with me alone?” The warrior replied

The river goddess got angry and returned back into the river…

“Goddess, please come back…”the man said… but the goddess didn’t pay attention


The warrior was seated with a friend over a bowl of palm wine. The friend was drinking the palm wine but it was written all over the warrior that he was unhappy…

“My friend, enjoy your life and stop thinking about the unborn generation, they will sort themselves out just the way you are sorting yourself out. Enter the agreement with the river goddess and be the most powerful man on earth. Do you know what it means for the river goddess to back you up? “

The warrior looked at his friend, reasoning out what he was saying…


“I have accepted your offer!” the warrior said at the bank of the river. The river goddess came out of the river very happy.

“Morire, you will be the most powerful man in this area, and when men and women hear your voice or your name, they will tremble in fear. I change your name to “Morooro” {I am Wicked}. You will win all the battles you ever go to… you shall be wicked, and not show Mercy. The water from this river will serve as what binds us together, as long as your people drink the water from this river, they will forever be dedicated to me, and no people will be able to defeat them. I will protect your people and a day will come that this village will be named after you, I will give you immeasurable power, wealth and your fear will be in the hearts of people. You shall be my beloved and I will be your beloved, so shall it be between our offsprings…” The goddess said as she stretched her scepter to him transferring a dark flame into him…

She swam towards him and stood on her mermaid tail, she kissed the warrior. Right there by the bank of the river, she copulated with the warrior.

I woke up very frightened from that dream… The name Mororo Village must have been named after the wicked warrior named Morooro meaning “ I AM WICKED”. He had entered a covenant with the river goddess and that explains why the people of Mororo were wicked and under the full influence of evil.

How was I going to save the innocent lineage of the warrior, including Seun’s wife, the Priestess of Mororo? They were only victims of a wicked forefather…