Part 17
Opeyemi Akintunde

“What do you mean I cannot go to Mororo?” I asked my Father.

It had been three months of digesting the Word. I had read the Bible front to Back. I was filled with the Holy Spirit. I had started hearing God and I knew without a doubt, God wanted me in Mororo.

“Adenike, I know you have had a genuine encounter with God, but Knowing God and Passion is not yet enough. You still need one more thing?”

“What?” I asked

“We are going on a journey, when we get there, your question will be answered!” My father said and I smiled knowing my father was trying to give me a surprise. He probably was taking me to Mororo…

“Pack a few clothes, we leave before daybreak tomorrow“

I couldn’t sleep all night as excitement was bubbling in me. I was ready to tear down the Shrine of the witches, the moment I got there…

Very early the next morning, we started journeying east. That looked strange, because Mororo was not to the east… It was to the west.

“ Where are we going Dad?”

“ I am not going to sacrifice you like Abraham wanted to do with Isaac… Just be patient!” My father said laughing

“ Well, Adenike will snatch the knife from your hands and help you look for a ram fast!” I said joining my father in the laughter…

We travelled for another three hours. I kept asking the HolySpirit for a clue and all I kept hearing was “FAITH”.

We got to a Camp-like site. The gate opened on its own accord like it was remotely controlled. We drove in and my father drove straight down like he was familiar with the place…

“Dad, where is this place?”

“Where I should have brought you a long time ago…” My father said and I noticed a change in his countenance.

“What are you talking about?” I asked him as I saw that look I never liked seeing on him…

“Get down Adenike!” My father said with disgust in his voice…

“Captain!” My father shouted and a tall, slightly middle aged man in a military uniform stepped out of a tent… He looked very fierce. Other fierce looking soldiers both male and female came out of other places…

“ Ha! Pastor… You are here!” The man who appeared to be the Captain answered…

“ Yes, I have brought her!”

The man walked to the vehicle where I sat frozen

“ Where is she?”

“That’s her!”

“You mean this is your daughter that you want us to deal with? She is far from a girl, she is a woman… We don’t need to torture her into reasoning with you! “ He said

“She is a stubborn girl!” I heard my father refer to me…

“Dad, what is going on her…” I was saying but unfortunately I couldn’t complete my question because the man had given me a very hot slap…

“When elders are talking, you don’t interrupt!” He said

This man couldn’t be more than 8-10 years older than I was. In response to the shocking slap, I almost said the wrong words, but the Spirit of God cautioned me..

“ Three days…?” I heard my father saying…

“ I am having a rethink, seems your mature daughter will be a hard one..”

“ Take all the time you want, All I want is for you to get her to stop thinking about that Village. I thought 3 months away from there will make her forget the place, but no she wants to return there..!”

“ Don’t worry Pastor, by the time you come back for her, Mororo will be a far thought for her..Still waiting for you to credit my account, though…”

“Done that this morning!” My father replied

“Probably it’s the network!” He replied

“Should be, you are far away from civilization!” My father joked…

“Dad, why are you doing this to me…God wants me to go to Mororo and you cannot stop it!”

The Captain walked towards me…

“I will ask you this question a few times, If your answer remains the same, then I might have a rethink! Do you really want to go to Mororo?” The captain asked

“Yes!” I said with a strong voice and with that I got another hot slap across my face.

“Do you still want to go to Mororo?” He asked again

This time around I didn’t give a reply because I didn’t want another slap across my face…

“I guessed as much, Pastor, Silence they say is consent, Your daughter has no intentions on going back to Mororo, you can take her back home!”

“I am going to Mororo!” I said affirmatively

“Captain, You see, you can’t easily make her change her mind!” My father said disappointedly

“She will change her mind Pastor… That is what I am known for, helping rebellious children have some sense” He said to my father.

“Silver! “ He called one of the soldiers

“ Yes Captain!” Silver replied

“Take her to where she deserves to be…!”Captain said to Silver

“ Daddy, why are you doing this, I made a vow to God to work for Him and I told you, you didn’t oppose it, instead you told me to get closer to God, which I did, but now you are trying to stop me… Daddy, if I don’t fulfill this vow, the punishment will be on your head, go and read Numbers 30…” I said with tears

The soldiers came towards me and handcuffed me. I watched my father shaking hands with the captain…

Three days! I remembered the captain had told him I would change my mind before my father would pick me up…

“ Why don’t you lie that you won’t be going to Mororo anymore and once you are out of here , you run away to Mororo!” An inward voice said to me…

I stopped in my tracks and turned, I looked at my father and the captain. I was about to tell my father I won’t be going to Mororo again, but right there a scripture dropped in my heart…. My months of reading the Scriptures made scriptures drop in my heart anytime I was faced with a situation… The scripture was…
“If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters–yes, even their own life–such a person cannot be my disciple.”

“Are you ready to change your mind and follow your father?” Captain asked on seeing that I turned back

“ No! I have an assignment in Mororo and no matter how long you keep me here, the moment I get out I will go there…”

My Father and Captain were shocked at my response…The Captain patted my father on the shoulder…

“ I have handled tougher ones, the person who recommended me, must have told you I don’t fail…”

With that I watched my father get into his car and drove off…Tears dropped from my eyes as I said silently to God

“ God! Do I have to face all of these, because I want to serve you?” I groaned silently

“First things First… this was not part of what I discussed with your father, but your body looks like it needs some manly torturing… I heard you are a widow, must have been a very long time… Silver take her to my room!”

“ Yes Captain!”

“ No, please don’t defile me!” I begged but he didn’t pay attention to my pleas..

“ Why has my father allowed the devil to use him against me!” I cried inwardly as the fear of the fierce looking man forcefully sleeping with me was overwhelming…..

Part 18
Opeyemi Akintunde

I sat on the bare floor under the tent I was kept. My left hand had been cuffed to one of the iron rod that held the tent in place.

I couldn’t wrap my head around the thought that my father brought me to that terrible place.

“ God What is happening?” I meditated for hours.

Much later, very late into the night, I was lying on the wrapper that had been provided for me on the floor, when I suddenly started hearing approaching footsteps…

“ The Captain!” The Spirit of God told me…

I jumped up and sat up crossing my legs…

“ I have been busy… I am here for what I said earlier!” He said

“ Please don’t defile me… !”

Captain didn’t listen as he forced himself in to me….

“Hey!, Hey! Wake up!” I heard someone whispering… I woke up from my nap…

I looked around and I realized the rape incident was a dream.

“ Thank God! It was a dream!” I said breathing out…

“ What dream?” The man who had woken me up asked

“ Never mind! “ I said

“ I sneaked to bring you this food, you should eat fast!”

“ Thank you! “ I looked at him unsure of why he was helping me.

“Will Captain carry out his threat of raping me!” I asked Him

“ If you stay longer, I cannot assure you that Captain won’t carry out his threat! My advice is you get out of here fast!”

“ But That is impossible, I have been handcuffed!”

“ Then tell him what he wants to hear!”

“ Which is!”

“That you have reconsidered your intentions of going to Mororo!”

“ I can’t do that because I am under a vow! I have promised God and I can’t just go back and say I am no longer interested. God takes our vows seriously!”

“Hmm.. Well I hope you are alive to go back there..”

We both heard another approaching footstep…

“ Captain!” The soldier said in fear, he quickly packed the food I was about to eat and disappeared.

Fear gripped my heart as I was afraid my dream was about to become real. The moment captain got into the tent, I laid down on the floor, worshiping God and praising Him at the top of my voice….

“What is the meaning of this?” Captain said and without Mercy he turned me facing up with the intention of rape. At that same instance, the young soldier who had brought me food earlier came in and pushed him off me…

“ Captain, stop this!” The young man said

Captain fell to the floor and you should have seen the unbelief in his eyes…

” Reme, what did you just do?” Captain asked

” I am sorry Captain, forgive me, I don’t know what came over me…”

” Really? Well I will help you!” He said and called out for silver…

Silver rushed in…

” Yes Captain!”

” Silver, Reme pushed me because he wanted to defend this thing, and he said he didn’t know what came over him, help him check his brain if it is still functioning well, if not relieve him of the pressure of carrying such a heavy load on his shoulders….” Captain said

” Captain please I am sorry, please captain…” Reme pleaded as he was dragged out. I also tried pleading but Captain shut me up with a slap…

” Silver, please don’t cut off my head!” I heard Reme pleading. I couldn’t see him anymore but I sensed fear in his voice. All of a sudden, I couldn’t hear his voice anymore after a slashing sound…

” I think you are jinxed, your husband died because of you, I also heard your recent boyfriend died because of you, now Reme has killed himself because of you, well I am smarter, I won’t sleep with you and die! But I give you the next 3 hours to tell me you are not going to Mororo anymore so I know i can get let your jinxed self out of here. Be ready to sign the papers.”

With that Captain left, and I was in between shock, gratitude and pain that Reme had to died…

I wept sore and started reconsidering my stand…