Ghost Run by Opeyemi Akintunde narrates the story of Adenike and Adeyanju who went to Mororo as Missionaries but they met what was beyond their imaginations and expectations. Mororo was not a land for the babies, but for men and women of strenght. Will the couple win the Mororo battle or was Mororo against God’s will for their lives…

Read ‘Ghost Run’ and learn how to go about fulfilling one’s vision even in the midst of strong evil.

Part 1
Opeyemi Akintunde

“The best graduating student for the School of Biblical Studies of this session goes to Adeyanju Badmus!” That was my darling husband being referred to .

You should have seen that proud look on my face.. I noticed all the other wives looked my way in envy, but it didn’t mean Jack to me, because I was the woman of the moment… My husband was the best Graduating Student of Biblical Studies… meaning my husband was the most Spiritual of all husbands! Gosh!

Was I expecting it? Sure! And that was why I dressed to kill that Sunday. My designer shoe was the one my favorite aunt sent to me. My hat was the one I bought with my one month Salary.

My dress! Actually cost three months salary. It was pure cotton…

I knew my husband would be the best graduating student, so my look and his Look was deliberate that Sunday!

Towards the end of the ceremony, my day took another turn, an unexpected sudden turn, a catastrophic turn, a twisted turn, a turn of the century, a turn that could actually slaughter someone.

“ Like we all know, Our Mission Church in Mororo has been without a Pastor for 6 months! We are therefore still making this announcement once again. Anyone who feels led to pastor the Mororo Church should please Let us know! God is passionate about the Mororo people!” The Parish Pastor said towards the end of the service.

“ I will go!” I obviously did not expect such a word from my husband, so it didn’t register with me, but I knew the voice must have sounded like my husband’s …

With the slow movement of my head, I turned to Adeyanju and asked the obviously stupid question…

“ Did you say something?” I asked Adeyanju

“ Me? Did I say anything?” He said

Susan, Josh’s wife took it upon herself to stand up and make it official… She started clapping….

“ Bro Adeyanju has decided to go… He just said…” Susan said and everyone joined in the clapping…

“ Wow! wow!”

“ Amazing!”

“ Awesome!”

Different words were popping out of people’s mouths from different corners..

“Adeyanju, say something…take back what you just said!” I said between closed teeth…

“ I mean.. I would love to go, If I am Led!” Adeyanju said and the whole church went silent in disappointment

“ Aww, I thought as much, I am sure you quickly realized book knowledge is not the same as field experience!” Susan said sarcastically. I knew she was angry her husband did not get the award for the best graduating student, so she was looking for every opportunity to spoil the day for my husband!

“ He will go!” I said without thinking… Susan couldn’t deflate my Husband’s honor. He was to be celebrated that day, so I was not going to stand and watch Susan turn it to a day of mockery for him out of envy…

Followed was a round of applause by everyone and a session of thanksgiving to God for raising Adeyanju for Mororo…


“ Bro Adeyanju is the best Man for Mororo…!”

“ His Bible Knowledge will really work in Mororo!”

“ Not only that, his prayers will set Mororo on Fire!”

I heard those words as I catwalked towards My Father’s Office. My Father was the General Overseer of our ministry, but Church was Church and Home Affairs was Home Affairs… I had one intention….


“ Dad, Adeyanju can’t go to Mororo. It was a slip of tongue.” I said

“ A slip of tongue? From who?”

“ From me, From Him!”

“ Dad, please use your good office to say that you don’t have our blessings. Tell the church it is because we are still looking up to God for the fruit of the womb and I need to be in the city for my routine medical check up.!”

“ Adenike, I cannot do that! You can not tell the Angel of the Lord who was in the service that we were Joking. He must have taken the report of the service to God. We have offered thanksgiving to the Lord on Adeyanju’s behalf… How do we go back to God and tell him, we were joking?” Father said and I knew I had to win this battle another way…


“ What did he say?” Adeyanju asked

“ We are going to Mororo, but don’t Worry Adeyanju, we will be back in not so far away time from now!” I said smiling knowing how I was going to deliberately fall sick in Mororo and get my father to pull me out of there in less than a week….


The road to Mororo was terribly broken at different spots.. A journey that should have taken 6 hours ended up taking us 9 hours. We eventually got to Mororo around 4pm. Unlike most villages we had passed, Mororo appeared deserted . No one was outside…

“ Are you sure people live in this village?” I asked very terrified

“ Well, The Map tells us this Is Mororo…” Adeyanju said

“Maybe we should try knocking on one of the doors?” I said

Suddenly a Lady ran towards our car… She had blood all over her body!

“ Help me!” She said

“ What is wrong? Are you okay?” I said very concerned, though afraid

“I Am a witch and I just killed someone… The people want to burn me alive! Please help me…” the strange girl said and as she did her black pupil turned blue.

I froze on the spot and I am sure Adeyanju died on the spot as well….

Part 2
Opeyemi Akintunde

“Adeyanju! Step on the gas! Step…. on…the…accelerator” I screamed but Adeyanju held the steering like It was his very own life…

” I don’t think we should!” He replied shaking like a leave in the cold…

” Adeyanju, this is not the time to be Afraid, step on the gas!” I said as I wanted us far away from the witch girl

” I think we should help her, This is what God expects of us, Bible states that if your brother or sister comes to you for help and you tell him to come back the next day, it will be counted as a sin!” AdeYanju said unbelievably as My jaw dropped but I knew I had to salvage the situation again before we both became the witch’s next target…

“ AdeYanju, you are quoting the wrong scripture! What about Suffer not a witch to live?” I said as the witch girl kept knocking at the car window…

“AdeYanju, She is a witch!” I screamed one more time, but I couldn’t tell what devil came over him. He pressed the release button of the car lock. The witch girl saw it and opened the front door, pushing me and sitting in the front seat with me… Her smell was choking… I could smell evil exuding from her, the cloud of darkness around her was thick!

“ Why don’t you take the backkkk …seat!” I managed to say

“ I have no time for that… AdeYanju be a man and move this car!” The witch girl commanded.

AdeYanju answered immediately…. I could read Adeyanju’s thought… I am sure he was wondering how she knew his name. AdeYanju and I exchanged shocked looks.

“Actually, we don’t know where we are going, we are ….” I said

“ Missionaries…” The witch girl cut in

We knew the best thing for us was to be silent. We had picked up a wrong passenger, All I was thinking was how, where and when she would alight….

“Take the next turn….” she commanded

“ Take the Left turn!”

“ Take the right bend!”

She kept giving the directions and we followed obediently.

After about 15 minutes of driving in circles, the witch girl said…

“ Stop the Car!” She said and AdeYanju halted immediately

“ That is your new house, but for AdeYanju’s sake, I will give you this advice.. Mororo is not for you! You won’t survive one week…and you Adenike, I believe the reason you don’t yet have a child is because you are heartless. You should be grateful I am not in a terrible mood, I would have punished you for what you just did.” She said and like a scene from a horror movie I have never been a fan of, she turned into a black bird with purple feathers before flying away!

Our lives paused for few minutes that felt like time stopped for centuries.

“ AdeYanju, reverse this car and get us out of here!” I managed to say while feeling out of breath, but unfortunately the least of the thing I expected to happen suddenly hit AdeYanju and I.

The car unexpectedly broke down….

“ What just happened?” AdeYanju said as he kept trying to get the car engine to respond…

Then followed was a sudden whirlwind, a wind that felt like the gods of Mororo were angry…