‘Genuine Christians should avoid shows by Wizkid, Davido, Burna Boy and others’ – Joshua Mike-Bamiloye

‘Genuine Christians should avoid shows by Wizkid, Davido, Burna Boy and others’ – Joshua Mike-Bamiloye

Joshua Mike-Bamiloye, the son of Evang. Mike Bamiloye of Mount Zion Faith Ministries has once again cautioned ‘genuine’ Christians who attend shows/concerts organized by secular artists.

According to Joshua Mike-Bamiloye, any show or concert organized by any secular artists should at all cost be avoided by Christian who are genuine and are guided by the Holy Spirit.

To make his post clearer enough to comprehend, he listed some secular artists whose show Christians should flee from, the list include Davido, Wizkid, Burna Boy and others.

Joshua further stated that many people would disagree with his viewpoint, but only those who are led by the Holy Spirit are able to set boundaries.

In his words;

“Honestly, If you consider yourself a genuine Christian, it’s not appropriate to participate in shows or concerts by secular artists like Davido, Wizkid, Rema etc

Some might argue against this view, but those who are guided by the Holy Spirit understand where to set boundaries.”

As expected, many of his followers took to the reply section to support his notion while some who were not pleased with his tweet gave counter responses.

See some responses below;

@PeterayoIdowu; Music has a way of connecting to soul, Iast week, I happened to listen to some music due to my job and after few minutes I find myself echoing the song after leaving the scene. The question is does the music edifies my spirit? No. Does the music helps my focus on God? No

@Engr_Emma_Olay; I back this up with Bible reference. Ephesians 5:19 Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord; Also read, Colossians 3:16.

@Gifty0822; Actually when you know who you represent as a Christian, you will separate yourself from every appearance of evil even when it is beautifully coated.

@samoalfred; There is a certain level you attain with your walk with God that influences everything about you; Your music taste, your communication the activities you indulge in etc.

It’s not having a holier-than-thou attitude or the similitude of perfection. It is yielding to God completely. There are many things the bible is silent about & it is left for us to use our discretion.

However, when you are broken, spiritually alert and of a contrite spirit, certain things won’t appeal to you. You are not being judgmental;You are just completely surrendering to God and his will.

@gail_ayodeji; The clause is “ife you are a genuine Christian” which is clear indicator that you’re directed by the spirit of God……. definitely there’s a boundaries to dos and don’t…. simple.

@fridayokafor; Clearly the absence of the Holy Spirit is the reason those believers go for such show “unbelieving believers” “having the form of Godliness but denying the power thereof” Ephesians 1:17-19 is my prayers for them till all about them becomes Christ.

@_quamina; As long as the song is not sexually explicit then it’s fine. In the Bible music was used by even David for therapeutic purposes. We are allowed to also sing about how we feel.

@TheIyinoluwa; Johnny Drille, Chike, Timi Dakolo that sings love songs nkor?

@Afolasakin01; I listen to these folks when necessary. The Songs of Solomon is part of the Scriptures…

@OziomaRosemary; Timi Dakolo sang “We Believe in Nigeria,” and we all embraced it because we know what that song means to us. Johnny did

“How are you, my friend.” and it is widely accepted because we know what it means to us and our friends. Everything song mustn’t be “Spirit Take Over.”

“Beware of secular music, some of thier songs and dancing steps are very d€monic” – Evang. Mike Bamiloye warns

Evang. Mike Bamiloye of the Mount Zion Faith Ministries has shared his opinion from a Christain perspective on secular music few days after his second son, Joshua Mike-Bamiloye’s tweet that set the internet on f!re.

Evang. Mike Bamiloye also took to his official Facebook page to warn Christians who listen to secular songs and soak themselves into the dancing steps that comes with it.

In a lengthy post shared few hours ago, the filmmaker noted that many of the secular songs does not glorify God and some of their sources are demonic.

He revealed that some of the dancing steps that comes with those songs are also demoic and are introduced in exchange for wealth and fame.

He added that some of the lyrics of the songs are incantations and spells, strong enough to cause listeners to misbehave.

He finally urge Christain to be careful of the songs and the dancing steps they bring into the church of God.

In his words;


Beware of rhe Music you listen to. And be careful of the Music you dance to. 

When you listen to Secular Music that does not glorify God, you are opening your heart to the Music that glorified the devil and you are opening the door of your heart to Demonic Ministrations. 

Many Secular Music has hidden Source.

The Source of some Musics are very demonic. Some secular Music have their Source from Demons. 

Some Dance steps were originated and created by Demonic spirit beings and introdyced to the world by Selected Music Artistes in exchange for hige riches and wealth. 

Some musical lyrics are INCANTATIONS AND SPELLS upon the hearers and fans, causing them to misbehave whenever they hear and sing it. 

Some music artistes brings their Music and percussions from the spirit beings from the depth of the Sea.

Some Music Artistes are taught and coached songs and steps in their dreams by their demonic partners. 

Some artistes got on stage and become something else, another spirit taking them up.  

Another spirit talking and singing through their mouths. 

Fans dancing and going crazy and wild!   

This is why we must be careful the type of secular songs and dance steps we introduce into the church for our praises and worship.

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