From one night stand to wife — Nigerian woman brags as she shows off her husband and son.

A Nigerian woman has taken to social media to brag about her marriage to a man she met during a casual s€xual encounter.

In a TikTok video, the young lady disclosed that her husband, who was once her client when she was a runs girl, ultimately chose to marry her.

The woman shared a video of herself in a car with her husband and their son, and proudly stated that her story is a typical example of ‘from a one night stand to wife’.

She further advised ladies involved in s€x work to continue without succumbing to societal pressure, because they will eventually find a spouse.

She captioned the photo,

“From one night stand to wife.

My sister if na ashawo you dey do, keep doing it everybody get husband.

Nor let anybody pressure you”

In other news, a Nigerian male nurse has taken to social media to share lessons he observed from working in a male ward while advising men to treat their wives well.

In a series of tweets, the nurse stated that his experience in hospital wards has shown that the only person who’s going to be by a married man’s bedside when he is sick is his wife.

According to him, the way men treat their wives when they are healthy always determines how the women would treat them when they become ill.