From mechanic to oga boss- Man shares inspiring journey of transformation within 5years

In a remarkable tale of determination and resilience, Twitter user @iambuike has shared his incredible journey from being a mechanic in 2018 to becoming an accomplished entrepreneur in 2023.

The inspiring story has captivated social media users, who have been inspired by his transformation and success.

@iambuike took to his Twitter handle to share his story, expressing gratitude for the personal growth and achievements he has experienced within a relatively short span of time.

He highlighted his transition from working as a mechanic to now being an “Oga Boss,” a term used to refer to a successful business owner or boss in Nigerian slang.

Reflecting on his journey, @iambuike wrote;

“From mechanic in 2018 to oga boss in 2023.”

His words resonate with many individuals who are striving for personal and professional growth despite facing challenging circumstances.

See below;