From Benue to Lagos: Davido’s diehard fan begins bicycle trip just to see Davido one on one.

Mr. Emmanuel Myam, also known as Emmiwuks, hailing from Ukum LG in Benue state, has embarked on an extraordinary journey.

The devoted fan of popular Nigerian artist Davido has set out on a ride-a-thon from Benue to Lagos on a bicycle, with the sole purpose of meeting his idol.

In an exclusive chat with a popular blog, the source Shakyum Joseph Kayode, revealed that today marks the 8th day of the inspiring Ride-a-thon, and he is currently en route to Benin City.

He said:

“Mr Emmanuel myam (Emmiwuks) from Ukum LG Benue state, is an obsessed fan of Davido.

He is doing a Ride-a-ton from Benue to Lagos on a bicycle for Davido. 

“He is headed to Benin this morning and today marks the 8th day of his Ride-a-ton.

Yes! Ride-a-ton not for Guinness Book of Records but for Davido. 

Let’s share til Davido sees it. We raise by lifting others. Emmi Wuks ride on brother

He started riding on Wednesday 2nd.” 

While this remarkable feat is not aimed at securing a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records, it is solely driven by his unwavering admiration for Davido.

Emmiwuks, an ardent fan, started his incredible journey on Wednesday, the 2nd of August.

His determination and passion have caught the attention of many with the hope that his efforts will reach Davido’s eyes and heart.

As news of his endeavour spreads, supporters are rallying behind Emmiwuks, sharing his story and wishing that it will get to Davido and inspire others to uplift those around them.