Forgive me, it‘s the devil’s work – Wife sleeps with gateman, gets pr3gnant as husband travels to Dubai…

After spending eight months in Dubai, a man has returned to find out that his wife is pr3gnant for their gateman.

In a hair-raising story secretly sent to @Postsubman, the man said he is seeking advice on how to handle the situation.

The man said his wife is currently five months pr3gnant, and the baby is not his own because he has been away in Dubai, the UAE.

Gateman sl33ps with wife, gets her pr3gnant

He explained that people are pleading with him to forgive his wife and accept her, but he is finding it difficult.

The man narrated that each time he sees his wife and the pr3gnancy, he only thinks of the gateman and the betrayal.

He wrote: “He spent 8 months in Dubai only to find out that his wife is already sl33ping with the gateman.

To the extent that she is already 5 months pr3gnant. I have never cheated on her even with the temptations I faced daily.”

Reactions from Twitter users as woman sle3ps @Ikechukwuisking said: “Forgive her and take the child as yours and put everything in the hands of God. She will change and serve you better bitter leaf soup. Don’t divorce her oh nna.”

@excelsioricarus commented: “Lmao which advice are you looking for? You already know what you want to do you’re just looking for a second opinion that supports your decision.”

@delta_last_BABY said: “Leave the marriage in peace I beg you.”