Marital Status: Married (Bolanle Doyin Hassan) 

Ministry: El-GIBBOR Ministries International


Doyin Hassan is one of the noteworthy faces that virtually all those who are familiar with both gospel films and some classic secular productions must have seen or come across in movies. The face of this Canadian-Based gospel film actor, producer and director brings back the memory of one of the early 20’s Mount Zion Faith Ministry movie titled “Captives of the mighty”; a year 2001 movie where he played the role of Iguana who was the spiritual husband of Mabel. Little did many know that this movie was his first feature movie in gospel during the 4 – 5 years of transition period from secular until grace found him in the year 2005 when he gave it all gospel.

During his secondary school days, he was part of a drama group moving from school to school to stage productions with some of his friends who were loaded with creativity and ideas. In search of knowledge to help his vision, he began to visit NTA (Victoria Island) for junior drama and always sneaking into the headmaster’s broadcasting studio to see what they do in there, he liked it but broadcasting was not his pursuit, instead acting.

Doyin Hassan was born a Muslim, learnt the rudiments of professional acting as Muslim but saw the light of salvation and accepted Christ into his life during his service year at Cross River State.

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Doyin Hassan had his B.Sc. in Business Administration at Ogun State University (1992), M.Sc. in Business Administration (Marketing) at Lagos State University (1995) and his PhD in Business Administration and Management at Lagos State University (2009). He has also served as the H.O.D in the same school and presently an associate professor at the same university after years of being into academics.

He was a producer at the DBN Television Nigeria for three years; he later secured employment as an Administrative Officer at Ministry of Youth Sports and Social Development in Lagos State (2000) before he finally veered into academics in the year 2004 and had been a lecturer at the Lagos State University since then.

Dr. Doyin Hassan’s first professional work that brought him out on T.V was his professional acting in 1985 with THE HERETIC (a Baba Babs-Fashina and Jimi Odumosu production) which was nominated for The Nigerian Festival of Television Programmes (NIFETEP ’86) even after it his secular productions were classics and outstanding.

Doyin Hassan has featured in many Stage Productions which include: Queen Mina, Iku Olokun Esin, Kurunmi, Lion and Jewel Not My Abeni, Atahiru and many others to mention few. He acted in some stage and Nigerian Classic films like: Died Wretched, Arrows of God (1998), Sango & Saworoide (1999), Agogo-Eewo, Campus Queen, Arewa (2003), Widows the Mourning After (2003), among many others.

He also featured in gospel films along side with some gospel veteran actors and directors like Mike Bamiloye, Gloria Bamiloye, Elvon Jarrett, Wole Adeyi, Kolade Segun Okeowo,’Yemi Adepoju and Feyi Adepoju in movies like Captives of the Mighty (2000), The Wounded Heart (2002), Back to Zero Point (2003), The forgotten Ones (2006),The gods are to blame, A little Shift (2013) and more

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He is the president of EL-GIBBOR Ministries International, a gospel film producing ministry, under this calling and ministerial assignment, Doyin has written, directed and produced films like: Strife of Tongues (2012), Hedge of Protection (2013), Divided Kingdom (2013), The Hurdle (2014), The United Church (2017), Peace, The cornerstone (2018) and the latest movie at the post production stage titled “Check List (2019)

For decades, Doyin Hassan has been an excellent Hair & Make-Up Artiste, phenomenal Script Writer, incredible Director, exceptional actor, unparalleled teacher and academic giant. His in-depth interpretation of roles and grammatical eloquences when speaking both English and Yoruba places him among the ‘A list’ actors both home and abroad

He is married to Mrs Bolanle Doyin Hassan, a gorgeous and adorable woman who is also an actress seen playing roles alongside each other in movies. These couple met each other on Mount Zion Set….

Compiled By: Ifeoluwa ORISAKAHUNSI
C.E.O, gospelfilmsng