Opeyemi Akintunde

The fair skinned girl gave a beautiful uncertain smile. I could pick from her face that there was definitely more to the girlfriend story. Leni took a good look at the girl and I could tell Leni knew she had lost the battle. The girl; Shalewa was beautiful!

” She is from the Grace Orphanage, she is the girl I always go to see there.” Mrs Abrahamson said to her husband. He sure looked confused but nodded …

” Honey, can we talk inside?” Mr Abrahamson said

” Sure! Marcus you can take Shalewa to the other living room and keep her company while we are away.”

Marcus’s eyeballs were red and the girl obviously saw that…She looked sideways and saw Leni’s swollen eyes.

As soon as the parents disappeared from the room, Shalewa spoke…

” I can tell something is definitely wrong, maybe I came at the wrong time, but whatever it is, I want you to know God is able to pull you through the bad situation ”

The room became quiet and I had the strong urge to speak up for my sister…

” She is pregnant for your boyfriend!” I said not caring what came next

” Oh!” Shalewa said

” You are just a beast…” Marcus said to me

” And that makes you what? What name do you call a guy who is not ready to be responsible for his baby? A Baby actually! A Mummy’s boy” I said very angry

Leni didn’t say a word, instead she bowed her head in shame, she couldn’t dare look up…

Shalewa sat back into the chair quietly. If Marcus was not a Mummy’s boy, one would have expected him to go talk to Shalewa, but he sat there shaking and chewing his f!ngers. I knew all that mattered to him was travelling out of the country.

Silence permeated the entire living room for few minutes before Mr Abrahamson and his wife joined us. It was obvious the power of womanhood had worked as Mr Abrahamson’s countenance changed and so did his words…

” F.D, I guess we will have to wait for Leni to have the child, and the DNA carried out before we know what next to do. In the meantime, I will place her on a 50k monthly allowance. Once she delivers the baby, call me… Shalewa, You are welcome, but I need to attend to an assignment upstairs immediately” Mr Abrahamson left the sitting room hurriedly.

” Shalewa, this is Friday. I am his Sponsor as well, She is his sister from the orphanage. She came with Friday for visits, and unlike you, she is a girl of easy virtue, she forced your boyfriend into sl33ping with her and after just one hurried s3xual intercourse, she claims to be pregnant. Shalewa, don’t be afraid…I am very sure my son is not responsible for that pregnancy. Like I told you, Marcus saw your picture on my phone and fell in love with you. I was slow about telling you, maybe if I wasn’t, this gold digger won’t have been able to crawl her way in…” Mrs Abrahamson said and I was too shocked to speak. For the 15 years I had known her, she had never come across to me as a wicked person.

On the other side of the coin, I could understand the anger and rage in her, she had almost lost her only child, but even at that, she was ripping Leni to shreds…

Speaking of Leni, Leni stood up and Whispered…

” Let’s go”

” The best decision!” Mrs Abrahamson said

I stood up and together with Leni walked out of their house.

On getting out of their premises, Leni flagged down a bike…

” Any hospital closeby where they can do abortion” Leni said to the bike man

” Ah! I don’t know ooo” the bike man said in a rush zooming off.

” Leni, What’s that? Abortion? Are you crazy?” I asked

” Yes, I am going crazy, and to gain my sanity, let me get out of my body system anything that belongs to them.”

” Killing yourself in the process shouldn’t be the way out. Leni, you will keep this baby because Marcus is going to come back ” I said reassuring her

” Not with that beautiful girlfriend!”

” It is an arranged relationship, it won’t last ”

” I assume you didn’t hear the part that she is like us; from an orphanage. Do you think I will have the opportunity to Marry a guy like Marcus, that will give me the life I only dare to see in my dreams and you think I will not make that relationship last ? ”

” Not everyone is like you!” I replied

My phone beeped and on checking the number, it was an unfamiliar number that texted me…

” Hi, this is Shalewa, Please text me your address. I will like to see you…Please note, with my knowledge of the situation at hand, I can never marry
Mrs Abrahamson’s son. ”

I got glued on the spot. A lot of questions running through my mind..

” How did she get my number?”

” Why did she refuse such a great life?”

” Why did she want to come to our house?”

I was interested in finding answers to my questions.

So I hurriedly sent her the address…

” Whai is it? What’s wrong?” Leni asked.

She had seen my expression.

” Nothing! We need to get home fast!”

Opeyemi Akintunde

We rushed back home like people on a mission. Leni kept asking why the rush, and I told her it was best we got home on time. Leni trusted me, so after a while she stopped questioning me.

” Now that we are home, are you going to say what exactly is happening? Why are you so tensed?” Leni asked .

” You are the one pacing up and down… You are the tensed one!” I replied trying to shift attention from me.

” The reason for my tension is obvious, I am thinking of how to get rid of this pregnancy, but you …I don’t know why you keep tapping your feet!”

The doorbell rung and like a paper blown by a strong wind, I jetted off. Leni knew something was obviously wrong, so she hurriedly followed me.

I opened the gate and standing before us was BEAUTIFUL Shalewa, and for a moment there, I thought…

” How on earth did a beautiful baby like Shalewa end up in an orphanage?”

” You?” Leni Shouted ready to pounce on Shalewa.

” What are you doing here?” Leni burst out angrily

” You didn’t tell her I was coming.”

” Hi, Please come in” I said instead

” Come in?” Leni asked disbelievingly

” Yes!” I said affirmatively

Leni knew that tone, it meant “I have it covered”.

Leni followed us from behind as I tried engaging our guest in chit chatting.

” I hope it wasn’t difficult locating this place” I asked

” At all, I am a workaholic, so I know the city well” She replied

Leni sat staring at Shalewa wanting to rip her to pieces…

” So?” I said hoping to make Shalewa speak

” So what? ” She replied

” I believe you have something to say to us as regards Leni’s pregnancy, since you texted that you were not planning to marry Marcus, is there a way you can make him accept the pregnancy since his mother loves you!” I said trying to cut to the chase

” Firstly, Marcus’s mother doesn’t love me, she loves her son, so by extension she loves what will give her son joy. Few hours back, I told her I can not marry her son, so in otherwords, I am just like you to her; Ungrateful children she invested in” Shalewa said

” Why don’t you want to marry him? That is a good life given to you on a plate of gold. Darling, do you know how many girls would rush into that marriage?” I asked

” My dear, I am not many girls, I am just that one girl who knows that the Same Red sea that the Isrealites walked through is the Same Red sea that swallowed the Egyptians. My dear, that everyone is doing it and are prospering doesn’t mean I can do it… I know Mrs Abrahamson has a good plan for me, but it isn’t God’s plan for me and I Shalewa desire to be only in God’s plan.”

And the earth shook…

Not physically but Shalewa had shaken the earth upon which Leni and I stood. Our lives had depended on life as Mrs Abrahamson gave us, but Shalewa was living life as God planned it for her…

” How come God has plans for you and He doesn’t have for me? I never had a sponsor like you both. God never had a plan for me” Leni voiced out

” He sure does,” Shalewa said ” You not having a Sponsor could be part of God’s plan.”

” Wow! Touché…And I guess my pregnancy is part of God’s plan?”

” Our mistakes are definitely not God’s plan but He can make a good story out of it. ”

Leni and I found Shalewa very wise, so we had no more arguments…

” I came here, because I wanted to be friends with you. When Marcus went in to meet his mother, I checked for F.D on Marcus’s phone and I got your number. I believe going to Marcus’s house today was not to Marry Marcus but to meet you.. Talking about God’s plan, He gave me the permission to go to Marcus’s house today, but not to marry Marcus instead to meet you guys”

” But don’t you think you are throwing a big opportunity away” Leni asked again

” My dear, when Saul gave David his big armour, David could not move forward because the armour and the helmet were too heavy on David. David took it off and fought with stones he was used to, My dear some big opportunities will weigh you down. You thought Marcus was a big opportunity but no offence please, see how he has weighed you down with this pregnancy… Marriage to Marcus is a big opportunity that will weigh me down. His mother told me I will be a pretty wife going with him all over the world, that’s not who I am , God has invested
so much in me to just waste away as someone’s pretty wife. This Beauty God has given me is to draw people to Christ.”

Leni and I were quiet again…

” So, Leni and Friday can I take you both as my sister and brother from now, Orphanages are places where God trained strong independent warriors; don’t let the world call us Less privileged. Leni, you have made a mistake, don’t let your mistake make you” Wise Beautiful Shalewa said.