Opeyemi Akintunde

For the records, Leni and I are not actually related by blood. We met at the orphanage where we both grew up. Leni and I cared about each other so deeply in the house that everyone thought we would someday get married, but it never crossed our minds because we only saw ourselves as siblings.

Thanks to the Orphanage home, we were encouraged to see each other as siblings which was what was etched in our hearts.

When we turned twenty,, we were released to leave the home. The policy of the orphanage home was to release the Youths to start life on their own. At that time, I was in 300L at the State University, while Leni had just completed her OND ( Ordinary National Diploma ) in Marketing at the State Polytechnic. She was hoping to return for her HND ( Higher National Diploma) after gathering some money.

A send forth party was always organized and sponsors would be invited. It was during our Soaring party( as the send forth was called) that Leni first spotted Marcus. She had asked who he was and I simply told her…

” My Sponsors” son”

Sponsors are people who do not adopt kids for reasons best know to them, but choose to be responsible for their feeding, education and welfare in general.

As a parting gift from the home, each eagle ( as we were called) was given a year’s rent, food stuff for six months and some cash to start life with.

For me, I got extra….

My Sponsors were very wealthy and for my Soaring gift, I was built a two bedroom bungalow. Leni never had a Sponsor, she lived on the orphanage’s welfare package and whatever my Sponsors gave to me, we shared together.

It therefore made sense for Leni to move in with me, since I had a two bedroom flat to myself.

After we left the orphanage, I started visiting my sponsors’ house more frequently and Leni would tag along.

This was where Leni met Marcus…

Marcus is the only son of my Sponsors. Leni fell head over heels in love with Marcus from the first day she saw him…

” F.D, the guy is fine. Did you see his Skin? God! Money is good!” Leni couldn’t stop talking about Marcus on our way back home.

“They are Super rich , who do you expect them to spend that money on? Their only Son of course!” I said laughing

” And you also got some part of it. F.D, If only this guy can like me and marry me, My life is made forever” Leni said wishfully

” I am not sure you are his kind ooo, Leni look elsewhere ” I joked but the information was very correct

” Oh! I didn’t know I was that Ugly” Leni replied angrily

” You got it wrong, What I mean is….his type of girls are the cheap girls. He is a rapper, Leni . He plans on travelling to Los Angeles or California for his music career, so you are not the kind of girl he can have around him” I explained myself very clearly.

” Why?”

“Leni, am I speaking Latin or Greek? You are a decent girl while Marcus is not. I don’t know how else to explain it. You notice I hardly went to their house for weekends, when we were younger; that’s because I am not comfortable around his friends.”

” F.D, love can make people change, I will make him fall in love with me and once he does, I will change him”

” So you plan on asking Marcus out?” I asked with ridiculousity laced in my voice

” No, I am not cheap, I will just give the green lights ”

” Oh! How do you plan on doing that?”

Leni made it compulsorily compulsory for us to go over to their house every weekend and she would intentionally put on skimpy dresses. She was always around Marcus pretending she saw him as a good friend…She would playfully throw him kisses whenever we were leaving. She was all very flirty around him.

Leni got what she wanted when Marcus slept with her. Leni’s problem started immediately.

From the room where they had committed the s3xual act, I could here Marcus’ voice

” You lured me into this, you should clean the sheets before you leave” I heard his loud voice from the living room where I sat watching football. I was there with two other boys…

Leni ran out of the room crying. She went for the door and I knew she was going home.

I charged towards Marcus as a protective brother would do…

” What did you do to her?” I asked

” You mean what did she do to me?” Marcus replied angrily. Hatred and disgust written all over his face

” I hope you didn’t rape her?” I asked angrily

” Guy, your trashy sister raped me, how am I so sure you didn’t set this up. Let me give you this warning, tell that prostitute that if she comes back with some stupid pregnancy as a way of getting money from my parents, I swear I will kill you both! Thieves!”

I ran towards Marcus pushing him hard and the result of that was that he hit his head hard on the ground.

Immediately, he passed out.

My life literally ended at that point. What was the world going to say?”. There would be wicked headlines like “ORPHAN BOY KILLS THE ONLY SON OF HIS SPONSOR OVER INHERITANCE.’

Marcus’s two friends ran away like birds. I could see blood gushing out of a particular spot on his head…

” God please don’t let Marcus die on me!” I said to the God of the Universe.

Opeyemi Akintunde

Talk about a “LOT” personality destroying one’s chances when they are permitted to journey with one; Just like Abraham shouldn’t have taken Lot with him on the journey to God’s promised Land, I shouldn’t have let Leni go with me.

Thankfully, my female Sponsor came in to save the situation. We rushed Marcus to the hospital where he was rescued in time, but the obvious result was that my Female Sponsor said she never wanted to see Leni in her house. She asked me to choose between Leni and her son. I wouldn’t blame her; Marcus was her only child. She was a good woman infact a woman with a large heart, but when loyalty got tested, the welfare of her biological son definitely came first.

Leni’s welfare also came first for me; she was the only family I had. I choose Leni and Mrs Abrahamson – my sponsor respected my decision. I was afraid they would take the house from me, but surprisingly they didn’t .

Three weeks after the accident, Leni’s life came crashing; She had missed her period…

” Where did it go?” Confusion made me ask the foolish question

” Marcus… ” Leni replied shakingly as she was sweating even while under the fan.

“Marcus took your period?” I knew what Missing a period meant, I knew it had to do with pregnancy but at that point my brain was failing to accept and process the data it was receiving.

“Marcus got me pregnant!” Leni said when she thought I was not getting it

” I know! I know what it means, I just don’t want to believe it has happened. Leni, you can’t be pregnant for Marcus, he won’t accept the pregnancy…”

I must have sounded like a prophet of doom when I said those words, but I said it knowing who Marcus was. I knew he was going to scream and send us out of his home if we approached him about the pregnancy…On the contrary, it did not happen as I imagined, the means was different but the end wasn’t…

I had contacted my male Sponsor; that is Marcus’ father, I gave him an update and he asked us to come over to the house.

Marcus looked so sober when we walked into the living room.

“Marcus, just like I told you earlier, one day of scandal has blessed you a gift. She is pregnant ” Mr Abrahamson said. ” So what do you plan on doing?”

I could feel the staring eyes of Mrs Abrahamson. She was probably feeling betrayed by me.

” Dad, I am sorry” Marcus broke down in tears

“Sorry is not the Solution. The Solution is to get married to her, because you know I will never support abortion for any reason.”

Marcus started wailing uncontrollably…

” Wailng is not the answer!” Mr Abrahamson said

” Why would you get pregnant for me? Now my Dad says I can’t travel anymore as I have to face the responsibility of caring for the child… You literally seduced me into sl33ping with you, I never liked you around..How am I so sure I am the father of this child?”

” If you are unsure, you will wait till after the baby is born and we carry out a DNA test. If the child is not yours, then you are free to travel…In the meantime, the girl will have to live in this house…” Mr Abrahamson said and honestly I didn’t see that coming. He was a morally upright man.

” Sir, that won’t be necessary, Leni can still continue to stay with me till after the baby” I had seen fear in Leni’s eyes when Mr Abrahamson said she was going to be living with them. I couldn’t leave her to live with two people who were unhappy with her existence.

” Honey! Can’t you see what is really happening here? These kids are trying to con us, who are we going to believe? Them or our real son? Remember I am the one who brought up the idea of having adopted kids, but it is because of things like this I insisted we shouldn’t let them grow with our son. Can’t you see that this girl is actually pregnant for Friday, and they made a plan to put it on Marcus, so they could get some inheritance for themselves…”

The shock I felt made me very speechless, while Leni burst out in tears. I felt her pain; the pain of not having a mother to stand up for her at that point was evident in her cry…She just kept saying…

” Me..Me…. God! Why create me ?”

My own pain was on another plane, my pain was
realizing that my supposed sponsor thought of me as a gold digger…

A knock at the door interrupted the tension in the room…

Mrs Abrahamson rushed towards the door. I found that very wierd as she normally would have told the person to come right in, because only those she had approved for the day would the security man allow to enter the premises. That may her rushed movement to the door very suspicious… Also, right before her standing up I saw her wink at her son.

Fear gripped my heart.

Was that the police? Or had they informed the Orphanage about it…

Telling the Orphanage about it would make Leni die, because her picture would be pasted on the Wall of “AFTER ALL WE DID ”

The “AFTER ALL WE DID” wall was a wall of shame where the pictures of those who failed the orphanage got pasted… They used it as a form of bad example to the kids in the house.

Same way, we had the wall of Glory tagged “YOU MADE US PROUD!”.

I bowed my head in shame not wanting to see the face of MUMMY ONE ( That’s what we called the name of the founder of the Orphanage). I knew the shape of her leg any day any time, so I concentrated on looking at the leg of whosoever was coming in…

The pair of legs were without blemish, they were as fair as the colour of an overripe mango, the nails had been well groomed. This definitely was not Mummy One’s legs…

” Honey, this is Shalewa; Marcus’s girlfriend. This is the person he is getting married to”