Opeyemi Akintunde

I had thought about it and I concluded I was going to pour a lot of the slow poison into Greg’s meal and leave the village once it was night. When he died on the road, I would throw him out of the vehicle.

I was waiting for dusk before giving them their dinner. It was Past 4pm. Greg had eased up and was playing with Kira, but Roland sat in a corner of the house. There was a bit of compassion for him, but the part of Leni been his mother still irritated me.

I kept checking the window, wondering why it was taking so long for the mother to come. At about 5pm, I started hearing different greetings. I knew my mother and the rest of the family were back from the farm.
“How is you?” I heard my mother saying to the younger boy who was playing outside.

“Fine ma…Ha! Mummy, you can speak English… that is interesting.” Promise said

“It is my daughter that is teaching me”

My mother had blown my cover.

“Your daughter speaks English?” the woman asked in Yoruba “Where is she?”

“She is from the University, she came back last night” my mother kept talking.
I saw the change of look in the woman’s eyes. I could tell she was about to run. So I rushed out…

“Madam, I speak English and I know who you are, you kidnapped these boys, let me burst your bubble, the police are on their way already. “I said boldly. I told my brothers not to let her go. I explained to them, what was happening and showed them pictures to back it up.
Trust my village people, they started raining curses on her, and she just kept saying…

“You people should let me go, I don’t want trouble”.

Suddenly, without suspecting her next move, she started strangulating the younger boy…

“I will Kill him, if you don’t let me go…”

That got us scared as we saw how the boy was struggling for his life.

“Stop it you wicked woman… Don’t kill the boy… You can go, don’t spill innocent blood on our land”. One of the village elders said

We all moved back from her as she carried the younger boy as her bait. She instructed that the older boy pick up the baby girl and get into the car. He did as he was instructed, he Picked up the baby girl but I didn’t know what came over him, he just ran towards me and gave me the baby. With a loud voice, he said…

“If you don’t drop my brother, they will not give you kira…” Roland said

“Roland! Are you mad?”

“No… Aunty Promise”

She could see that she was in a fix, she knew she couldn’t lose her precious baby.

She dropped the younger boy on the floor and the older boy ran to him. He was too weak… I could see he was short of breath, the strangulation had been intense on the young boy.

“I have dropped him, give me my daughter.” Promise said

I had regained my power…

“No, not until the parents of these boys come.”

“You know nothing about what is happening. I am the victim here. Their parents duped me”

“And your measure of punishment is to kill their children in return, that shows how evil minded you are.”

“I am not giving you this baby.”

I had been praying for my daughter, and I kept asking “Why is God not turning my daughter’s heart to him? Father, I have done all that I could have done as regards bringing this child to you, but she never comes to you. Please save her from whatever she has gotten herself into right now.” I prayed a lot for her all night till the next day, When I received the call that…

I saw Roland hovering over Greg on the floor, my heart failed. Was Greg Injured?

“Your hands Up Mrs Promise Omojola” I heard the Officer saying to Promise. I rushed towards my son who was on the floor. He looked very faint…

“Roland, What happened to Greg? What did she do to him?”

“She strangled him…”

I cried bitterly, because my son was looking like he wasn’t going to make it… F.D and Aunty Yemi had joined me on the floor. Aunty Yemi was already blasting in tongues, While F.D was trying to call Greg to respond.

Greg was passing out in our hands…

Opeyemi Akintunde

“Let’s get him to the nearest hospital” Aunty Yemi said.

“Move Back, a doctor came with us.” One of the officers said. “We always take a doctor along whenever we are going for a kidnap case”
I nodded and stepped back to let the Doctor do his job.
Promise had been handcuffed, but she kept screaming…

” Give me my child”.

The Officers didn’t answer. I saw Aunty Yemi walking towards Rantimi and collecting the child from her. She walked to where Promise was in the Car…

I took her child to her, but I didn’t hand her over, instead I asked her a question

“Do you still have a mother?”


“She missed it with you, Maybe she may get it right with her. “

I didn’t know who the woman was, but she had hit the point… My mother had failed with me despite her efforts, I hoped Kira would not end up like me.

“You are right… She lives in…”

“Don’t worry about her address, I will get it from F.D”

I nodded… I knew I was going to be in prison for a long time.

“But am I the only one that will get punished, F.D committed Bigamy as well.”

“He will join you in Prison too, but you are going for a longer term, because they have found out your fraud, the one that led to your late husband’s death.”

“Who are you?”

“My name is Yemi. I manage an orphanage, I have been friends with Leni and F.D for years. I am sorry for what they did to you.”

“You are Aunty Yemi she mentioned yesterday. Can I speak to my mother?”

I spoke to the officer in charge and based on the relationship I had with their boss, they gave me permission to call her mother.

“Hello Mummy…I am sorry… I am sorry that despite all you did trying to make sure I turn out right, I failed you. I don’t know why but I apologize, please take care of Kira. Do all you can to make sure she turns out right. I don’t know what my sentence will be but I know it will be bad. I have a lot of offences that will be counted against me; from fraud, to causing the death of Shola, to kidnapping the boys and attempted murder. I will rot in jail…I Know… “I broke down in tears…

” Mum I know why I turned out this way, I never took your Jesus Serious. I never took God serious. Please …Please, Make Kira take God seriously.”

My mother could not say a word, she just kept crying on the Phone ….

Greg was revived, he was given a cup of milk and his face became brighter. We all returned to the city, but we didn’t forget to fulfil our promise to Rantimi.

The three of us wired the total of three million into her account before leaving.

“The mysterious ways of God is what I witnessed in this story pertaining to my angle. God wanted to give me money when I became stranded as a result of not bowing to sin.

To get the money He wanted to give me, He made me return home so I could be at a strategic place to receive the reward of finding a culprit.

Why was it our village she stopped? She could have stopped at a hotel or anywhere else, but God made it strategic for her to stop at my village and slept over at the unoccupied corpers’ lodge beside my house.

Is God not the Divine Arranger?

F.D was charged to court for Bigamy, and he got a sentence of Seven Years imprisonment! F.D exonerated me from the story, he told me, we both could not end up in Prison. He emphasized the need for one of us to be with the boys.

Promise got a life sentence as the offences against her were enormous.

Aunty Yemi and Mr Teju eventually Met through me. When he came to the country briefly, I told him I wanted to introduce him to my Aunty who was very helpful during the kidnap.

When Mr Teju saw Aunty Yemi, He froze…

“Yemi?” he had asked

“I am Sorry Mr Teju. Forgive me for letting my mother push me into hurting your family.”

“Wow!, I can’t believe you are standing in front of me and I am not able to pounce on you and kill you like I always imagined.”

“I am sorry”

“Well, it’s totally not your fault, when you were fl!rting with me, I should have said No and turned the other way.”

“You are right, I knew the beginning of my fl!rting and what I supposedly wanted to achieve but unfortunately, we only know the beginning of Fl!rting, we never can tell the end.”

“You aborted the child?”

“No, I had the child but gave him up for adoption. Your Son is Marcus, the Popular Musician… Mountain Man”


” You heard correctly!”

“Mountain Man is my son…That crazy guy, that dresses like a mad being is my son?”

“Yeah, but God has decided to do something good with us… It will be interesting for you to know that before Marcus relocated and became popular, he impregnated Leni. Your Grandson is Roland.”

Mr Teju’s eyes became teary, it was all too complex for him to understand…

“Roland is my grandchild?”


“Are you being truthful with me?”

“Yes, Mummy J can testify to it”

“Mummy J? The woman who brought you to us, She is still alive?”

“Yes, she was the one who gave Marcus to his adoptive mother.”

“And Marcus impregnated Leni, and Leni gave birth to Roland. My Grandchild has been living in my house for years and I Never knew”
Mr Teju wept like a child…

“God! So I have a seed, so I have someone who has my DNA in him, Thank you!”

“What about Mrs. Teju?”

“After she became Ok, she divorced me and I swore never to marry again.”