Opeyemi Akintunde

“What?” I asked

“That has always been the plan” Leni replied

“So you are just going to let him go like that?”

“Promise, I think it is the will of God” Leni replied

“Will of God”

“My Aunty, Aunty Yemi has prophesied to me about him going back to his father”

“Aunty Yemi, who is that?” Who was the secret person in her life I didn’t know

“Oh! You don’t know her”


“Promise I need you to help me with Roland and Greg. I need you to help me drop them off at school. I will give you the address”


I can’t say if it was the realization that Roland was my grandchild that made me have several dreams about him all night. I kept seeing him been dragged by a lady, and he kept screaming…
“Grandma, help, grandma help!”

As I sat waiting for Leni to get the boys ready, my mind was doing a lot of calculations,

“Is this how F.D will come for Greg, and as a boy, he would inherit all my labor? Never! I have to get a better and quicker plan….”

“The slow poison is too slow, I need to terminate these two boys since I no longer have access to the third boy” I reasoned

“What am I to do?


The handover was seamless. I cried when I handed him over. Segun came with a lady, she looked liked she was in her late forties….

“She is my fiancée, we will be getting married next month” Segun said

“Oh congratulations… please take care of my son like he is yours”

“I will, he is my son already” She said smiling.

I concluded on not going to work that morning, as I was an emotional mess. I needed to talk to someone.

Definitely Aunty Yemi!


“Aunty Yemi, you are really a woman of God, Timothy’s father came here this morning to pick his son”



“Did you hand him over like the Lord said”

“Yes…. but I am in pain”

“I understand”

“I hope someday, Marcus’ family won’t come and take away Roland from me” I said but it was more like an enquiry….

“Aunty, you didn’t answer me?”

“I didn’t know it was a question”

“Aunty Yemi, it is a question…. please ask God if Marcus is going to come for his son too?”

“Why don’t you ask Him yourself?”

“I am not close to God like that”

“Why? What’s stopping you?”

“I don’t know …. Aunty Yemi, my life is just messed up… What if Marcus comes for his son, what if F.D takes Greg too, what will be left of me? Aunty Yemi, I have no root, I have no marriage to hold on to “

“You can have your root in Jesus. Leni, having children or marriage is not what defines your existence on earth. You are someone, without a man or children… Leni, who are you without Marcus, F.D and the Kids?”

“I don’t know honestly”

“Then you need to find out… Leni, what if you are stripped of everything you have right now, will you live or die?”

“Aunty, if I lose my children… I sure will die”

“That should not be the case…. Leni I was stripped of my child over thirty years ago, but today I have raised Sons and Daughters. When my son was taken from me, I thought I would die, I met Christ and through Him I started living again”

“You had a son?” I asked

“Yes…. and for years I never knew who he was, but yesterday I found out who he was….

“Who is he?”

“Not something I can disclose on the phone, I Will come over to your place by Saturday, when you are free.”

“I am actually free, I couldn’t go to work today. Let me text my address to you” I said. I seriously needed company.


Promise came home saying she had dropped the boys off, but she wanted to go shopping with Kira. She told me she would pick them up on her way back. It was convenient for me since Aunty Yemi was visiting. I didn’t want her to meet Promise…

“At this point, don’t you think you should stop all these hide and seek from Aunty Yemi. Let her know all that is going on in your life, so she can be of help” my inner man spoke to me.


Aunty Yemi walked into the living room, and I watched how she looked around the house in awe….

“Aunty Yemi, I do not own the house. I am just squatting. The house belongs to a Mr….

“Mr. Teju” Aunty Yemi cut in and I took a pause

“You know him?” I asked excitedly

“I once lived in this house” Aunty Yemi said painfully…

Opeyemi Akintunde

“You are related to him?”

“No… I was their maid, who seduced Mr Teju into sl33ping with me”

“What?” I was shocked to my bones

“I had a son for him, but he chose his wife over the son”

“Oh my God!”

“Was it the son that was taken away?”


“So who took him away if not Mr. Teju…”

“Mrs. Abrahamson, Marcus’s mother. I gave my son up for adoption through my Aunty. I never met Mrs. Abrahamson, so I never knew all these years that Marcus is my son…”

The silence in the room was deafening.

My brain was finding it hard to process all the information been thrown at me.

“On Saturday, when you left the orphanage, the Holy Spirit asked me to follow you that he wanted to show me something….

Aunty Yemi told me all that led to her discovering Marcus was her son and indirectly Roland was her grandchild. I was too shocked to react in any certain way. I didn’t know whether to cry or laugh in happiness at the mystery of God…. All I remember saying was…….

“Aunty Yemi, help me to know God the way you do, so he can make a great story out of my messed up life…

After hours of praying together, I asked Aunty Yemi

“So you are going to reach out to Marcus to let him know you are his mother?”

“No…. God has given me Roland. At this point he is no longer within my reach. I will have him in my prayers.”

Aunty Yemi told me Mummy J was definitely not the person the dream was referring to, so she asked me….

“Is there someone else in your children’s life?”

Sudden Fear gripped my heart as I thought about Promise…

“Well, F.D’s wife has been pretty close to them since we reconnected”

“Does she know about you been married to F.D?”

“No…. we hid it from her, she just sees me as his sister”

“Are you sure? Are you sure?” Aunty Yemi asked intently, and it felt like a veil had been removed from my face

I suddenly remembered Roland asking

“Mummy is Kira my step sister or my cousin. It is confusing. Aunty Promise said we should see her as our Cousin”

Promise had been talking to Roland! My fear intensified

“She took my kids to school this morning, and she ought to bring them back, it’s already past four” I said suddenly, realizing how much time we had spent talking and praying.

“Check in on her” Aunty Yemi said

I picked up my phone and I dialed her number…

“The number you are calling cannot be reached at the moment” My heart tightened on hearing the automated message.

Her phone battery was full. I remembered telling her, her phone was 100% charged…

“Her phone is not reachable” I said to Aunty Yemi. I was shaking….

“Call the school, maybe the children are still in school…

I called the school and the response was….

“Your sister who dropped them off in the morning came to pick them around 2pm”

My world crashed. She had picked up my children by 2pm and this was past 4pm already…. The next name on my mind was F.D

“Jesus help me!” I muttered as F.D was also not picking my call.

“Maybe they planned it together” I said because obviously I was losing it….

F.D called back immediately.

“Hello Leni, how are you girls enjoying!… F.D said

“F.D where is Promise?”

“Where is Promise? She ought to be at your place with Kira.”

“She is not here, and Roland and Greg are with her…. Her phone has been…’


“Yes…. her phone is switched off”

“No let me give her a call”

The next three minutes felt like forever, F.D eventually called back…

“Her three lines are switched off, that is so unlike her… But wait, why does she have the two boys with her?”

I explained the situation that led to it…

“I hope Promise has not found out that Greg is my son, because if she has then we are in big trouble. We must involve the Police immediately” F.D said.

When I heard the word “Police” I broke into a million pieces, the reality of the police looking for my children was too emotional for me.

“Let’s meet at Oba Police Station, the D.P.O is my friend, he helps us at the orphanage…I am sure he will be of help.” Aunty Yemi said