Opeyemi Akintunde

The next day, I went to his office, hoping I bagged myself a bank, but the two hours I spent with him changed my life. Little did I know that he was an evangelist. His method of evangelizing to prostitutes was to give them his card, invite them over to the office and minister to them….

I believe he would have said enough prayers before the prostitutes came, because when I got into the office, it felt like a power stronger than me had arrested me. I was pinned to the chair by an invisible force and I didn’t have an option than to listen to what the man had to say.

His words broke me down, they were not mere words, but they were backed up with power, the Holy Spirit and deep conviction.

I told him my story, I told him I missed my son and his answer changed everything.

“Just like God lost a son to gain the world. you may have lost one child, you can gain a lot. Why don’t you get a job in an orphanage where you will have access to a lot of motherless Children, that way you pour your love for your son on many sons….”

I felt a Peace that I have never felt in my life…

That led me to working at different orphanages, till I finally settled at Grace Orphanage. It had been 30 years I gave up my child for adoption, but in over 20years I have raised Sons and Daughters.


“Stop in front of that gray house” I said to Mr. Rogers, I believe it had been roughly over twenty years I had last seen Mummy J and my biological mother.

The Orphanages I worked in became my family.

The house was the same as it was.

I silently hoped Mummy J was still living in the house.

I alighted from the car, and saw Mummy J seated in her shop, just like old times. She was still selling foodstuffs.

“Yemi…. Adeyemi” she recognized me immediately she set her eyes on me…

Emotions got the best of me…

We hugged tightly, and I wept…

“Yemi, God has been good to you” Mummy J said as she looked at me keenly

“Yes He has…. how are my siblings?… Jola, Jade and Junior”

“They are all abroad”

“Wow! That is good news”

“Like you, God has been good to me”

“Praise God” I answered

“Your husband and your kids?” Mummy J asked

“I don’t have any, but I have a lot of sons and daughters I have raised. I work in an orphanage”

“Your Son….”. Mummy J was saying with a sober look

“Mummy J, don’t worry I am not here to ask about him, I have moved on” I said trying to calm her nerves, but instead she continued

“He is not doing well…. I am not happy with his lifestyle. Sometimes, I wish I didn’t give him up to that family. Maybe, I would have done more research into the family he was going to”

“What do you mean?”

“Mountain man…. You know him right?”

” Yes….”

“That’s your son”

“Marcus?” I asked

“Yes…. Marcus the musician, you know his stage name is Mountain Man…. Whenever, I watch his music videos, and I see him publicly encouraging drugs, s3x…” Mummy J was going on and on, but my brain was trying to process all she was saying…

“Marcus who got Leni pregnant: the father of Roland is my son?” I kept repeating in my brain

It suddenly made sense, the prophecy God gave me for Leni, that He was compensating the Grandmother of Roland because of her good works. It was about her, and not Mrs. Abrahamson.

“Mrs. Abrahamson is not Marcus’ mother? I asked Mummy J

“Yes, you are his mother. You know Mrs. Abrahamson? How did you find out about her?”

“I know her from a different source, I didn’t know she was the one who adopted my Iremide. She used to donate to our orphanage home some years back, but when Marcus impregnated an orphan, she cut ties with us. Wow! I am Roland’s grandmother”

“What do you mean? Who is Roland?”

“She is the child of the orphan Marcus impregnated”

“Wow! Do you know where the child is, you must get it right with the little one. You should take over the raising of the child from the orphan”

“I may not be able to do that, she is doing well with him. In fact, she was the one I followed to this area. She even lives in Mr. Teju’s house…” I paused and marveled at the wonders of God…

“Wow! so Roland is actually living in the former house of his grandfather…” I said

“Hold on… Is it your Roland, the Roland that lives in Mr. Teju’s house?” Mummy J asked….

“Yes… you know him?”

“Very well, I watch over him and his siblings whenever their mother is not around”

“Are you the woman Leni keeps her children with?”

“Yes… Leni is the orphan Marcus slept with?” Mummy J asked

“God Almighty, you are truly Great!” Mummy J exclaimed.

Opeyemi Akintunde

My drive back to the orphanage was a very long one as I ruminated on what the Lord showed me… Leni was not just an ordinary orphan anymore. She was the Mother of my grandchild. I had to be involved in their lives more…. I told Mummy J not to bring up my visit anytime she saw Leni. I needed to prayerfully know how to deal with the new development.

On getting home, I made up my mind to avoid Mummy J, who at the time I referred to as Mama. I got to know her when I newly came to my haven. I loved her groundnut oil, so I started patronizing her store. I thought of how to sort out the kids. I needed somewhere they could stay after school hours, before I returned around 9pm. She had volunteered to be of help…

My phone rang and on checking the screen, it was Promise calling.

“Hello sis” I said on picking up

“Hello sis…. I missed my babies today” Promise said

“We missed you too”

“I can’t wait to see them next week”

” Same here”

“Are you okay? You sound a bit disturbed”

“Yeah, I am in a fix.”

“Share what the problem is”

“I had a bad dream about the woman I keep my boys with during the day, so I will be needing a new person”

“Oh really?”


“Or maybe I could help you?”

“You? How?”

“I could help you pick them up after school, wait till you get back and leave afterwards.”

“No.., the distance between your place and our place is about an hour”

“Or Since it’s temporary till you find someone, I could help you stay with them during the week and return home for weekends. I am a full time housewife…” Promise said laughing….

“No…. Promise what happens to F.D for five days…. I will be fine”….
I refused her offer but Sunday evening she was at my home with the intention of staying for the week… My children were excited to see her…

“What did you tell F.D?” I asked

“F.D, I am going over to Leni’s place for the week, I will be back by weekend”


“I am bored, you are always at work,”

“But Leni is always at work”

“Yes, I will be with the boys after school. Kira will have brothers to play with”

The word ” Brothers” did not sit well with me. I began to wonder if Promise had found out about Greg, but I pushed the thought aside.

“Do whatever pleases you” Having Promise out of my hair for five days would make me breathe.

“Nothing, I just told him I was coming to your place for the week….”

“And he didn’t resist it?”

“Why would he? You are his sister”

“Yeah….. Well thank you Promise, I will find a lasting solution to this. I will find a maid preferably”

“Ok, but carefully select the maid, people are wicked these days” I said to Leni…

The next morning, I woke up to a bad news….


I slept in peace knowing Promise would take care of the kids throughout the week.

I was planning on asking one of my colleagues at the office about getting a maid. She had two maids.

However, I woke up to what would have been a relief, but it was heart wrenching on the other hand.

Segun called me as early as 5am.

When I saw his caller ID, I was shocked. I had not heard his voice since the day we parted ways physically. He would only send texts informing me about the monthly upkeep and check on his son ….


“Hello Leni, good morning, so sorry to wake you this early”

“It’s okay …..

“Leni, it’s time I come pick Timothy based on our agreement”

I seriously wanted to fight it, but I didn’t have the strength to, coupled with the advice Aunty Yemi gave me about giving him to his father…

“Can you give me six months more with him?”…

“I don’t think so, the truth is I have been having a strong burden for days to come pick him up. I keep hearing “Go pick him up”. Leni I wanted to leave him with you till he turned four, but the Lord seems not to agree”

“Ok….” I agreed…

“Can I come get him this morning”

“I am going to work” I said

“So how do we go about it? I have to pick him up today.”

“If you can get here before 9am, I could wait for you”

“Alright, I will be at your place, you still live in your brother’s house?”

“No, I now live in Mr. Teju’s house….”

Segun was silent…. I imagined him thinking about a lot of things…

“I am not married to him, neither am I sl33ping with him, after you left that night, I also left my brother’s house and the only available place to stay was Mr. Teju’s house. I called him and he gave me permission to move in, since he wasn’t using it” I said to answer the questions in his heart….

“Okay…. I’ll be on my way”

I ended the call, and beside me on the bed was Timothy sl33ping.

“Your father is coming to get you, I know you will have a better life with him….”

I stood up to inform Promise and get the boys ready…

“What? what do you mean his father is coming to get him, just like that?” I couldn’t believe Tim was about slipping off my hands.

I wanted Leni to lose all she had, for conniving with F.D to dupe me….

No! Tim could not leave this house…