Opeyemi Akintunde

“Ma, it’s not my duty to take you around for the tour. I am just to make necesary arrangements for you” I said to her.

After I had been assigned to her, she had called the concierge office asking me to meet her at the reception.

On getting there, she sat elegantly in her see-through sky blue gown with her bre*sts exposed with nothing securing it or shielding it from the eyes of anyone who dared to take a look. As she spoke, I tried to concentrate on her face not below her neck, which was extremely difficult as she was shorter than I was, so as I bent my neck to speak with her, her chest was in full sight. She was asking me to be her tour guide, but I told her it was not my duty. Rather surprisingly, she supplied me her Epic unexpected reply;

” But that’s not the impression you gave me yesterday ” She said

” I am sorry, if I was not clear enough” I replied

” Are you sure you were not clear enough? Because I think I understood your unsaid statements ”

” Unsaid Statements!” I screamed within me. Was I that obvious?

” I don’t understand what you mean by Unsaid Statements ma” I denied

” F.D, I am not a child, I know when a guy likes me. I know you like me and I don’t mind a little fl!rting. Fl!rting doesn’t hurt. We can be flirtatious friends.” She said laughing. I wasn’t sure if I was hearing correctly.

” You are married!” Was the only thing that could come out of my mouth.

” I am not asking you to sl33p with me. ” She said laughing again

I stood not saying a word…

” Or you are scared your wife will know about it?” She said still laughing like it was a Child’s play.

” I am not married” I replied

” Oh! That makes things easier”

” You are pulling my legs, you want to know if I am a good concierge!” I said

” You think fl!rting is bad?” She asked

” Definitely!” I replied

” No , fl!rting is playing. Just like any board game or fun game. I love to flirt. It makes me happy and it will make you happy. You know that feeling of knowing you have someone who likes you but you don’t need to have s3x with that person. It’s an interesting and fun game. Will you be my flirtmate?” She said laughing again

” I am not sure of the right answer to this, Ma can we go back to your tour discussion”

” Ok, if you say so” She replied

” I would like to know how many hours the tour guide will be with you and your husband ?”

” My husband?”

” Yes! Or is he not coming?”

” Oh! You mean Shola?”

I raised my eyebrow indicating I didn’t know who Shola was…

” He is not interested in going out” She replied

” Oh!”

” Business is his first love, I come next, I discovered that early enough in our one month engagement”

My brain paused!

” One month Engagement ” I wondered what that meant

” Can you be my tour friend during the tour?” She asked with the tone that could make you do the impossible for her.

” Erm…ma, it’s against hotel policy to be familiar with guests” I saved myself

” Then I better check out this moment so we can hang out in the evenings”

” That won’t…..” I was still saying when she walked away…

I stood with my mouth wide open… Titobiloluwa had been staring at us all the while…

” F.D!”

I knew that was coming. Titobiloluwa was one of those ladies with high moral standards, and that was what made us friends in the first place…

” Who is she?” She asked when I got to the counter

” A guest!” I answered trying to hide any emotion whatsoever

” You mean you have not met her before!”

I shook my head in the negative.

” So why is she interested in you? I believe she is a newly wedded woman?”

” Why is everyone saying she is interested in me? How can? I probably just look like someone she knows”

” If I were you, I would run far away from her or take some days off”

“Wow! Take a leave for what?”

” Guy, are you blind? Didn’t you see she was fl!rting with you. If her husband catches you, you are dead. Also think about your job. Getting a job in recent times is a herculean task.” Titobiloluwa said afterwhich she faced her computer..

” What is fl!rting and Is it wrong?” I asked myself

I went back to the Concierge office hoping to be called upon when Mrs Anthony needed help. While I awaited her call, I decided to research the concept of fl!rting.

I wanted to know if fl!rting was just playing like she said… I tapped on the system and typed in “What is fl!rting ” in one of the search engines and I also checked “Is fl!rting Wrong?” On another search engine.

And I got two points that answered my question, or I think it did…

“Fl!rting is behaving as though s3xually attracted to someone, but PLAYFULLY rather than with serious intentions.”

“Fl!rting in form of Playful bantering or gentle fl!rting with someone outside of your marriage is harmless if proper boundaries remain intact”

These were the two statements I needed. First, It was just a playful activity and Secondly, if boundaries were set, s3x did not have to come in…

I became interested in PLAYING!

Opeyemi Akintunde

“Fl!rting is wrong on all levels… ” Leni said to me when I asked her If fl!rting was wrong. Mrs Anthony didn’t send for me again throughout that day and I was left wondering what she was up to. As a way of relieving myself of the mental stress of questioning myself about the sanity of fl!rting, I decided to engage my sister in a conversation.

” Fl!rting is wrong!” She had said again.

” Why? ” I querried

“First things first, fl!rting is a disguised name for temptation… ” Leni said while still scrolling on her phone.

” What if both parties involved in the fl!rting set boundaries?” I asked

” F.D, is there something you are not telling me!” Leni said dropping her phone

Leni had always been my sense of reasoning. I had no option than to unravel all…


” And you are planning to fl!rt with her?” She asked

” I am considering it, at least I can relieve myself of the tensed emotion I am having towards her.” I confided in her

” If she was single like I initially thought, I won’t have a problem with you befriending her, NOT FL!RTING with her, to at least know her well, but in this case, it’s a Capital No, because the person we are talking about is Married… F.D, are you sure this lady has not charmed you and I hope she is not one of those star takers?”

” Leni going all Spiritual on me” I said mockingly

” Yes, I am Spiritual and not shy about it. F.D, even if she is not some evil person, Let’s think about the disadvantage of fl!rting” Leni said

” Disadvantage of Fl!rting? Leni! What could be bad about fl!rting? Fl!rting is just playing. I feel this lady doesn’t want to stop having fun as a married woman, that’s why she wants a friend who she can be personal with!” I said

Leni’s jaw dropped. I could imagine what was going on in her head. This was not my usual lines. I was not someone who would try to look for excuses for anything wrong…

” Well, I am shocked but I will give you few disadvantages…For the married woman, Fl!rting outside of her relationship will be a slopy road that will lead nowhere safe for her family. What if she falls in love with you along the way, or you fall in love with her? What will be the end? And for you my brother, what if in the midst of your flirtatious relationship, the woman of your dreams shows up. Won’t you be too blinded in lust to notice her?”

I swallowed hard. Leni hit the nail on the head.

” That’s why we will set boundaries” I defended

” F.D, you already feel something for this woman, so setting boundaries is like lying to yourself.. F.D, if you start this flirtatious relationship, you will end up sl33ping with her, and that makes you a fornicator while she will be the adulterer.”

” Ok..I have heard you!”

” No F.D, you have not heard me, but if there is anything you need to hear, Hear this..Almost all the time, It’s natural to feel attracted to different people for whatever reason. It’s a complete mystery as to why we feel that attraction. The truth is that the initial attraction is something we cannot control. After that initial attraction, we choose to control what happens next.

In this case, you undoubtedly are attracted to this married woman, no big deal… All you need to do is determine what to do with the attraction; You either grow it or you trash it. I come in peace!” Leni said before resting back in the living room chair.

I stood up from the chair I was sitting on with the intention of leaving the house for a short stroll, Leni stopped me with her words…

” If all my words doesn’t make you have a rethink, think about me. Fl!rting got me to this point, and you know how much pain I am in right now, don’t let history repeat itself in your life my brother.”

Leni and Marcus!

That one got me!

Looking back at how my sister got her beautiful baby, I could tell that fl!rting could go wrong some times. Leni had flirted her way into becoming a miserable single mother, though back then, we didn’t call it fl!rting. We called it something else…

” I am just giving him the green light!” I remembered Leni’s famous line.

Let me write a little about Leni and Marcus….