Opeyemi Akintunde

Mrs. Teju had to leave town for a month for a course, and that was when I gave the devil enough space in my heart…

I started wearing skimpy dresses in the house. I flirted with my words, constantly calling him my “Handsome Daddy”. He started gravitating towards me as well and started calling me “My beautiful daughter”

Two weeks was too much a time for Mr. Teju to handle my fl!rting. By the end of the second week, he deflowered me in the living room while watching a romantic comedy.

Over the next two weeks, it became almost like a daily routine. By the time his wife came back, we were deep in the act and there was no going back…

Six months into my relationship with Mr. Teju, I had gone to see Mummy J, so she would help me send some money to my mother. Mrs. Teju also told me to get some seasoning cubes from her.

The moment Mummy J saw me from a distance, she started at me inquisitively

“Yemi, are you pregnant?” Mummy J asked frankly… I laughed at the ridiculosity

“Me pregnant? I don’t have a boyfriend” I said in defense

“Then who got you pregnant?” Mummy J was not falling for my defense.

“Mumny J, I am not pregnant?”

“Yemi, are you crazy? Am I blind? If those you are living with are too literate to see that you are pregnant, I am not blind to know you are.”

“Mummy…J… I am not preg….” I was saying but I was cut short by Mummy J’s hot slap….

“So this is how you want to pay me back and destroy my good name. I can imagine, it is one of these stupid boys in this area…. Stupid girl…” Mummy J said

“I am calling the village right away”

Our village had one landline, where people made and received calls… Likewise, Mummy J was always using her neighbor’s landline

She dragged me to her neighbor and made the call. The owner of the village landline, told us to call back in Fifteen minutes time….

Those fifteen minutes were the worst fifteen minutes of my life, Mummy J called me all sorts of names. I didn’t know if I was pregnant yet, but I was silently praying it was not so….

“Hello… Mama Adeyemi… Your child has disgraced me in Lagos, she is pregnant… come to Lagos tomorrow and pick your untrained child.”

She angrily dropped the call without letting my mother speak….

“So who is the useless boy that has destroyed your life? What is the name of the boy you have been sl33ping with?

“Ma, I haven’t been sl33ping with any boy”

“Are you mad?”

“Maybe she has not been sl33ping with a boy maybe, it is with a man” Her nosy neighbor said.

She looked at me in fear at the possibility of that… I nodded in response…

“Who is the man? the driver?” she asked

“No ma… It’s… It’s Mr….” I didn’t conclude the statement. I didn’t have to, guilt was written all over my face….

“Mr. Teju?” Mummy J asked and my eyes answered. Mummy J collapsed on the chair. The shock was too much for her. I believed Mummy J’s reaction should have hinted me on what was to come, but I was so clouded by the fear of not making my mother proud…

Mummy J was revived with a lot of water, and on setting her eyes on me, she screamed that she didn’t want to see me…

I left her home and on getting home, Mrs. Teju was concerned about the time I took at Mummy J’s place.

“Yemi, I sent you to get me seasoning cube and it took you over thirty minutes. What happened? I know you got caught up in your village gist? Right? Where is the seasoning cubes?” she asked laughing….
I had forgotten about the seasoning cubes.

“Yemi don’t tell me you forgot the errand I sent you… Yemi…. Yemi” She shook her head, and playfully chased me out to get the seasoning cubes from a nearby trader.

Mrs. Teju didn’t deserve what I had done. I could imagine the look of betrayal she would give me if she heard about the pregnancy…

“How did Mummy J conclude I was pregnant? No test was done to confirm” I realized

After giving Mrs. Teju the seasoning cube, I told a lie that I wanted to get some cardboards for a school project.

I had seen in movies that people go to the hospital for pregnancy test, so I went to a nearby hospital for the test. I was confirmed pregnant. I was told to do a scan, so I could know how long I was gone.

I was four months gone!

Opeyemi Akintunde

I waited for my mum to get to our place. I waited for her like my life depended on it….

She got in by 10:30am, she must have left the village as early as 4:30am to have gotten to us by that time.

Mrs. Teju was surprised to see her. She lied to her that she came for a wedding in Lagos. Maami told me to escort her to Mummy J’s place and the couple didn’t suspect a thing….

“What do you mean, Iya Yemi?” Mummy J was madly surprised when my mother had said to her that…

“Mummy J, the place where we want something to grow, the ground itself has approved it”

“Iya Yemi, answer me, was this planned by you & your daughter?” Mummy J furiously asked

“Not really” my mother lied ” It has always been my prayer that my child will enter a good home and fortunately God decided to answer this way”

“God made her pregnant for her boss?” Mummy J asked in total disbelief

“Whether it is God or it is the devil, the pregnancy is a good thing. Mummy J support us in making the man accept the pregnancy, you will have your cut…”

.”Ha! God forbid…. Iya Yemi, you are a wicked ingrate. Now, the picture is clear, this is your doing… You were the one that instigated Yemi. This is the reason I don’t like mothers visiting their children where they are serving as maids. They begin to push the children to misbehave.

Ha! Iya Yemi, God will punish you for this you have done. How will I face this couple now?” Mummy J kept lamenting….

My mother was not ready to chill at all, when we got back to the house, my mother called Mr Teju aside and broke the news to him. Mr. Teju’s look broke my heart….

“Yemi, why did you let it happen, if my wife finds out, it will kill her… Please you need to abort this baby…” Mr. Teju said

“En… what did you say? My daughter is not aborting oooo, I thought you will be glad that my daughter helped you change your story. All these years with your wife has amounted to nothing, but a few months with Yemi has amounted to something.”

“Yes mummy, you are right, but this pregnancy is not a joy giver, it wants to take joy from me. I’d rather stay without having a child and still be married to my wife, than having 100 children without my wife.
I love my wife and what has been happening between Yemi and I shouldn’t have. I seriously regret it. Mummy, please let me get you some money, so you can help me flush it out.” Mr. Teju said walking out on us.

My mother was a fighter, she went to the living room where Mrs. Teju was watching T.V…

“Mummy, your husband has impregnated my daughter and he wants her to have an abortion. It is not possible. We don’t abort in our family” Mummy blurted out

Mrs. Teju was confused at my mother’s outburst, she took a look at my stomach, she looked at my face, she looked at my mother and rather unfortunately, her husband walked in on us holding a large sum of money….

He had been caught red- handed. Mr. Teju understood immediately, my mother had let the cat out of the bag, he went down on the ground, prostrating in apology to his wife.

Mrs. Teju’s shock did not let her utter a statement, instead surprisingly, she went back to watching the T.V program….

It was 24hours later we knew something had gone wrong with Mrs. Teju…