Opeyemi Akintunde

I was so mad I couldn’t go to Leni’s house that day, so I could give her children the usual dosage of my slow poison.

Yes! for the past weeks, I had been poisoning the fizzy drinks I bought for them. I had been told by the man I bought the poison from, that it would take six months of continuous usage before it kills the victim.

“Why are you so worked up?” F.D had asked cutting the flow of my thoughts.

“Nothing, I am just missing Leni’s kids”


“Yes, I love those boys”

I didn’t like the sound of the words pouring out of Promise mouth. She was sounding possessive of the boys…. Was I missing something?

“We should see them next week” I said

“Next week is too far”

“Really? I think we should start thinking of making another baby. Hopefully it will be two boys so you can stop been possessive of Leni’s kids” I said jokingly.

She turned to me….

“Where is that coming from?”

“Nowhere, it was a joke”

“Let it stay as a joke”

Promise walked out on me, I knew something was definitely wrong.

As we kept following Leni, we were going towards a part of the city I didn’t like going. A place that held so much memories for me.
We were driving towards the street from my past, my ugly past. I waited in anticipation to drive past the house that had the footprint of my past, but as we got closer, I saw Leni slowing down. Like an unexpected twist in a story, Leni drove into the house of my past…

“What was she doing in Mr. Teju’s house” I asked myself in fear.

“Maybe, the house has been sold to a different landlord, and Leni is a tenant there?” I supplied answers I was hoping was true….

The house was looking renovated and modern.

“Mummy J” I immediately reasoned. I knew where to find my answers. Mummy J was my big aunty when I lived in the Teju’s house. I hoped she was still living in her old house.

“Mr. Rogers, please take the next turn, I want to see an aunty who lives close by….”
“Ok ma”


I was twelve years old when I started living with Mr & Mrs Teju Cole. I came in as a maid. Their marriage was still young but Mrs. Teju didn’t like to do house chores, so her mother had brought me from the village through Mummy Jola.

Mummy Jola was from our village but lived in the city. Her own way of contributing to our village was to get houses in the city where children from our village could work as maids. The families where the children worked would be responsible for their education.

Mummy J was into selling foodstuffs in the vicinity, so when Mrs. Teju’s mother had come to visit her daughter, she saw the need for a maid. She had pleaded with Mummy J to help get a Maid for her daughter.

Good luck found me, and I was chosen.

Opeyemi Akintunde

Life at Mr. Teju’s house was life at its best. I was enrolled in a good school. I had a lesson teacher who helped me catch up with my English Language.

By the time I was Fifteen years old, you could never believe I was a girl from the village. Mrs. Teju didn’t have kids yet, so she poured all her love and spent her money on me. They didn’t treat me as a maid; I was treated like their own child.

However, devil came knocking when my biological mother came visiting. She had not seen me in three years, so she insisted she wanted to see me.

My mother came with a bucket of greed. She saw the lavish lifestyle of my boss and his wife. She saw the possibility of the good life she could have if I became more than a house maid.

“Yemi, what do you think you are doing?

“Maami, I don’t understand you, what are you talking about?”

“Do you think this life you are living will last?” My mother had said

“Which life? Maami you are speaking in parables.”

“Adeyemi, don’t deceive yourself that this good life will continue. Don’t listen to their lies, that you are their daughter. The moment they have a child, they will turn you back to the housemaid you are.”

“Maami, I am a house help, there is nothing that will change that”.

“You are stupid, God brought you to where your life can experience a change and you prefer to remain in poverty. How I wish it was your younger sister I gave this opportunity to, she would have used it well”

My mother knew the silent rivalry between my younger sister and I and how I longed to beat her at anything she does to continually affirm my first born position. I thought three years away from home would have killed that sibling rivalry in me, No! it was still lurking there waiting for the right time to be triggered.

“Maami, what is it that Adekemi would have done better than I’m doing here? Maami, I have been a good child, you didn’t come here to meet me pregnant….” I was saying when my mother cut in

“Eh……. exactly what you have done wrong, Adeyemi, you should have used your number Six, I mean your brain to know that getting pregnant will keep your leg grounded in this place.”

“Eh …eh… Maami, pregnant? for who?” I asked bewildered. I was hoping my mother was not insinuating that I get pregnant for my boss, but unfortunately, that was what she wanted…

“The man of the house. Give him one child and you are settled for life.”
“Ha! maami”
“Yes, my child”

“Ha!” I kept exclaiming

“Yes… and it’s better you do it fast before the woman gives birth.”

I remember how my mother made my life a living hell for the two weeks she stayed with us.

You could say I became like Eve, I decided to listen to what the serpent in my mother said to me.

Suddenly, I started finding Mr. Teju attractive, I began to have a crush on him, and based on the parent-daughter relationship I had with the couple, they didn’t see anything wrong with unnecessary hugs I gave Mr. Teju.

I started fl!rting in the house calling him “My handsome Daddy”. Mrs. Teju was too gullible a person, she didn’t see anything wrong in it….