Opeyemi Akintunde

My name is Yemi, so far in this story; you will know me as Miss Yemi from Shalewa’s orphanage. At this point, I know a lot of readers would point accusing f!ngers at me for not following up on Leni and F.D. Well, you are right but the truth is though I wasn’t in contact physically, I was praying over them. They were on my prayer list. That’s why having the fearful revelation I had about them was not out of place…

I had seen F.D and Leni being trapped in a cage and a lady was force-feeding Roland. The Lady was furious at Leni and F.D and killing Roland was her way of getting at them

I woke up screaming “Leave him”

“God, what is going on with these children?” I asked the Lord.

I knew it was time I contacted them.

My game plan was simple; pretend to be happy with their reunion, and make it a point to always go to Leni’s house frequently. That way I would kill the three children.

Was I callous to have wanted the kids dead? Well, I think I am not the only sinner here. Wait till you read the conversation between Leni and F.D the first day we went to their house.

Unknown to F.D, I had given him a pen that doubled as a voice recorder. I kept it in his breast pocket. F.D had it on him when he and Leni discussed in the kitchen.

“Leni, I am sorry about the other night”

“It’s bygone, forget it…”

“Thanks… you have done a good job with yourself and the boys”

“People fail people, but God doesn’t”

“You are right” F.D agreed

“Your daughter looks more like Promise”

“She is not mine” F.D blurted out

“What do you mean?” Leni asked after a long pause.

“I came back home to find the girl, and she told me, I had impregnated her before I left.”

“You didn’t know when she was pregnant?

“No… I have a feeling, she bought the baby”

“Wow… have you confronted her?”

.”That would be unwise, I don’t know where she has been visiting, but one of the priests told her I have a wife and son. I denied it but Promise still talks about it at times. She has told me, if she finds out about my wife and kids, she would kill them, that’s why I am playing the fool right now. Once the child turns one, I will take her for a DNA”

“If you discover she is not yours, what do you plan on doing?”

“I will walk out of the marriage”

“Be careful” Leni said

“And I will come back to you”

“I am no longer available”

“You are…. I can’t see any man’s picture frame in your living room”

“It’s on the wall of my heart”

“I can tell you are not saying the truth, it’s in your eyes. Leni, if I find out the child doesn’t belong to me, I will leave her and we will continue our lives as a happy family”….

I caught that conversation of theirs from the pen. I was furious, and pained. Whatever love I had for F.D died that night, and every fiber in me wanted revenge so badly….

We started visiting Leni, every weekend and I would purposely stay with the kids while the two of them were always inside a room or discussing somewhere in the house.

I wanted the children to get used to me, so I could execute my plan….

F.D was getting used to coming to my haven, I could tell things were not going as they should between him and Promise. A side of me was happy with that thought. F.D couldn’t wait for Kira to turn one so he could end the marriage between him and Promise, he was so sure the girl wasn’t his.

When he and Promise came around, Promise would stay with the kids when F.D would hang around me talking about everything possible…

“Are you sure Promise won’t suspect a thing?” I remembered asking.

“If Promise suspects, she would say it, she is not someone who keeps things to herself”

I was happy my brother was back, but one day I got a call… It was from Aunty Yemi. The moment I saw her ID, I knew something was about to go wrong in my life… I summoned courage to pick up…

“Hello Ma…”

“Leni… Leni… Wow… it’s been how many years since I heard from you… how are you?”

“Fine ma… It’s a pleasure hearing from you as well ma”

“How is F.D and your children?”

“They are doing well ma, but we are not together anymore. We followed your advice and went our separate ways. He is married to someone else”

“Oh!” I could tell Aunty Yemi was shocked. I had summarized the journey of our lives in a pleasant way.

“Yes ma!”

“And you?”

“Well, I moved on to someone else and I have a third son, but unfortunately the man did not stay” I said giving another edited version…

“Wow… Leni… we should see and catch up” Aunty Yemi said

“Yes ma, I will find time to come see you ma, I am usually busy during the week… I said not wanting Aunty Yemi to know where I lived….

“So I should be expecting you this weekend. Please bring your kids along. I want to see how big Roland is.”

“Ok ma… Aunty Yemi had made me commit to seeing her….

Opeyemi Akintunde

I told F.D and Promise I was not going to be available for the weekend. I didn’t owe them the explanation of where I was going…

Aunty Yemi was so excited to see me… She received me with open arms and gushed about Roland and his siblings.

“My survivor” She said about Roland “Your grandmother’s compensation”

“You are your father’s lookalike” she said about Greg “You won’t make the mistakes he made in Jesus Name. The Lord will give you control over your emotions” Aunty Yemi said.

She took my third son in her arms…

“Timothy, your Father’s reward. There is so much intercession over your life” Aunty Yemi said.

I could tell Aunty Yemi was speaking in the spirit…

“Where is his father?” she asked me about Segun…

“I don’t know” I said wanting to avoid questions.

“He is a good man, he will come back for his son, give him to him, he will train him better than you.” Aunty Yemi said…

“He already told me, he will come for him when he is two years but he is over two and I am yet to hear from him except the monthly upkeep I receive from him”

“He will come”

“Leni, how is your walk with God?” Aunty Yemi went straight to the point. I knew that question was going to surface, So I had prepared my answer.

“Great ma….”

“When was the last time you read your Bible?” Aunty Yemi asked without mincing words.


“You don’t have to lie…. I know you have been far from the Lord, but you need to buckle up. A mother cannot afford to be without God if she wants her children to be safe.”

The moment Aunty Yemi said the word safe, I instantly had a flash of the dream I had overnight. The dream had disappeared from my memory when I woke up…

I had seen me looking for my three sons. As I kept asking people, I was directed to a well…

“She poured all you have down the well” A woman had said. “Even the children you left with her, she threw then into the well”
I suddenly remembered my dream and fear gripped my heart….

“Aunty Yemi, I had a dream” I blurted

“Let’s hear it”

I recounted the dream.

“Who do you leave your children with?” Aunty Yemi asked

My mind didn’t go towards any other person apart from Mama, the elderly woman who had been watching the boys for me…

“I have an elderly woman in my vicinity who helps to watch over the boys. when I am not around” I said…

“Oh! then you need to be vigilant”

“Ok ma … but she is nice…. God, is she evil?”

“I didn’t say that, you had the dream, not me though I had a dream similar to that and that was why I reached out”

“What was the dream?”

“I saw you and F.D in a cage and a woman force feeding Roland”

“It’s the same dream, she is the only person that feeds my children apart from me” I said

I was happy Leni came around; we had enough time to talk, pray and play. I told her how Shalewa was doing well in her medical practice. As she was about leaving, I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit expressly.

“Follow her…. Don’t let her know you are. I want to show you something.”

While Leni was waiting in my office, I went out to meet the orphanage driver. I told him I wanted to trail Leni, so I could find out where she was living.

We said our goodbyes…