Opeyemi Akintunde

I couldn’t believe I had been played. Leni was F.D’s wife and the father of her three kids. I can’t remember how I left the herbalist place, but I know I got home.

I waited patiently for F.D to return and I made sure I did not look disturbed. I served him his favorite meal the way he loved it.
Just like I had planned it, he didn’t last twenty minutes before he dozed off. I took his phone and unlocked it with his thumb.

I checked through his text messages and chats between him and Leni and there was no implicating message.
I wanted answers, so I kept checking through his phone till I checked his mail.

His account transactions implicated him, I saw a monthly transfer to Leni Omojola.

My head started spinning…. The impression F.D gave me was that they were not in contact, but here he was sending money to Leni every month for over two years.

For over two hours, I checked through his phone for any information about Leni but found none…

He was hiding her from me, I concluded.

The pills I had slipped into his drink would knock him out for 4hours, so I sat for hours deliberating on how best to get F.D and Leni of course.

They both had taken me for a ride. I was going to get back my money from them with interest, all F.D had worked for, I would collect it for myself and my daughter. Thankfully, my child was not his, that way I won’t have the guilt of destroying the father of my child…

First things first, I was going to find out where he had kept his other family…

“Hey baby….” Promise said from my side. Though I had been trying to live in peace with her, I knew whenever something was going off…

“Hi, what’s wrong?” I replied

“What’s wrong? Why do you think something is wrong?” Promise replied
“I know you Promise… you only use this voice when you want something” I said plainly

“Yes, I want something”

“Ok…hope I don’t have to cut my head for you?” I said truthfully.

“It’s about Leni” She said and I Froze

“F.D, I had a dream about Leni” She continued and that caught my attention…

“What about?”

“I saw her in pain… F.D, when last did you hear from her” Promise asked

“Our Wedding Day…. I told you she didn’t want to drop her ways. Like I told you, when you got me pissed on the day of our wedding. I went to the house to cool off, on getting there I met a man there. Can you imagine? I couldn’t contain my anger; I said a lot of terrible things to her….”

“It’s time to forgive her and find her”. Promise said….

I was skeptical at the sudden interest in Leni, but I told myself it could be from a plain heart, and just like Promise said she saw her in her dreams, she could honestly be suffering.

“I don’t know where she lives like I told you, she has shut me out of her life” I said….

“I will give her a call”

Opeyemi Akintunde

I was at work when I saw Promise’s call. It had been years since I saw her call. After the fall out between myself and F.D, I avoided picking her calls. She had called me till about a month after their wedding, of which I never picked up. I wondered why she was calling.

“Is F.D okay?” The thought of that made me rush at the phone.

“Hello …. Promise” I said

“Wow…. this is a miracle…”

“Hi… Promise, what can I do for you” I said curtly.

“Leni, good afternoon, at least I deserve a greeting no matter how small, we are family after all”

“Yes Promise, we are family? My brother’s wife what can I do for you? Is F.D okay?” I said….

F.D was what was more important.

“F.D is not fine” Promise said

My heart did a flip flop. I stood up from where I was seated and rushed for the toilet. I was suddenly all sweaty….

“What’s wrong with him?”

“It’s not something I can discuss on the phone”


“Can we meet somewhere? I mean where do you work? Do you still clean houses?”

I felt insulted because Promise didn’t expect things to have gotten better for me…. Pride came over me. I wanted her to know how good God had been to me.

“Depending on which place is closer to you…. My house is on the mainland, while I work in Foye Oil and Gas on the Island….” I said proudly

“Your house will be better” Promise replied

“Well, I work Monday to Friday and I get home really late” I wanted her to know I had a good job.

“Ok… guess I will wait till Saturday…”

I didn’t want her to come to the house, she would see that I was living in a mini flat, unless…

That was exactly what I did, I moved the kids and I to the main building on Saturday morning. The kids had questioned me tirelessly and I had told them we were expecting visitors. I wanted Promise to have the impression I was living large and I had succeeded without them.

I had never waited anxiously for a day like I waited for Saturday. It was either he was ready to protect Leni with his life or he was been truthful about not knowing Leni’s whereabouts.

I decided to play along, so I told him I wanted him to go with me to visit a friend who just got back from USA

As we drove towards the address Leni had sent to me, I noticed F.D was not looking as tensed as I expected.

“Is it true he doesn’t know her whereabouts?” I kept asking myself.

“But how come he sends her money every month”

“Promise calm down… the situation will reveal itself on its own ”

I saw the house, it was magnificent. F.D still looked calm.

“Your friend must be very rich” F.D said
I was going crazy but I still maintained my cool.

I pressed the horn, but there was no response. I took my phone and dialed Leni’s number.

“Hi Sis, we are at the gate”

The house had an automated gate, we watched as the gate opened up for us.

I saw F.D freeze on seeing Leni and her sons standing at the entrance of the magnificent building.

“L..e…ni” F.D said stuttering

“Promise, what is happening?

“We are at Leni’s place, are you saying you have never been here before,?”

“What are you saying? I have not seen Leni in two years, Promise, what’s happening?”