Opeyemi Akintunde.

Leni refused to move in with us, she insisted on staying at the house…

“Why would I want to make your first year as a couple less fun. Two is perfect, 3+3 children is a large crowd. Let the kids and I stay back at the house. We will come occasionally to visit” Leni had said to Promise and me.

Promise had noticed Greg’s resemblance…

“Greg looks like you”

“Everyone says so, the truth is… it was his father’s resemblance with F.D that got us talking. I met him at a mall, and I almost hit him on the shoulder, before realizing it was not F.D

“Where is he now?” Promise asked

“Dead died in a car crash”

“Aww… so sorry to hear that,” Promise said…

“I have moved on, and in my moving on, I met the father of my unborn baby”

“Who is he?”

“An old love, who became my succour after I lost Greg’s father…”

” So when he was giving you a shoulder to cry on, something happened” Promise supplied laughing…

“You got it right”

“Wow! Leni, you need to slow down, before another man comes in”

“Me? I am done with men; I want to begin with me”

“Good to know… What’s your plan?”

“Go back to school, get my degree, find a good job and make a living for myself…”

Promise had fallen in love with Leni and was passionate about helping her with her dreams.

On the other hand, she told me to quit my job and face my fashion designing Passion. She gave me two-digit millions of Naira…

However, trouble came knocking when it was time to get married.

Promise wanted us to get married formally but low key… She insisted I see her mother…


Promise’s mother was the opposite of her daughter. I wondered how Promise didn’t take after her mother in calmness…

“Why are you in a rush to marry, just after your husband died,” Her mother asked…

“No offence to you my son, but her husband just died some months back, and she is ready to jump into another marriage…” Her mother added

“Mum, Friday and I have known ourselves for years… We just met again after my husband’s death, and I am trying to avoid fornication… that’s why I want us to get married…” Promise answered quickly

“My son, I have nothing against you, but I will advise you to give it a year before people begin to insinuate that you both killed her late husband…

“Mummy!” Promise shouted…

“Promise… Mum is right… there is no need to rush” I said, though somewhere in my heart I was relieved to know I was not getting married to her right away.

Regardless of not being married, we moved in together. She was generous with her money with me. She preferred to be a full-time housewife, although she was very involved in my fashion business, researching new fashion trends for me.

All was going well for us, until after a year when she revisited the issue of us getting married legally. I was not interested in making it formal with her because that was the only weapon, I used on her…

In our one year of living together, I discovered a lot of things about her. The most annoying, was her flirtatious attitude. It was in her spirit, I realized she derived pleasure in it; my clients were not off her list. It was a normal thing for her to roll her eyes at men. It became disgusting to me.

Whenever I challenged her, she would apologize telling me she didn’t realize what she was doing…

“Soon, I will leave you… Thank God we are not married” was my usual statement that got her sober…

I was not enjoying my life with her; besides she was not conceiving despite the several attempts. I was bored… There were days I missed my friend and sister Leni. I would drive down to the house and we would talk for hours.

“You are not happy?”

‘Yes… I am not feeling Promise, she has so many negative characters“

“Everyone does”

“I miss you and the children”

“We miss you too… Especially Roland, he still keeps asking why did Daddy leave me…”

“What do you tell him?”

“I tell him Daddy followed the woman he loved”

“No…, you have to change that… You have to tell him the truth”

“Which is?”

“Mummy told Daddy to follow another woman”

We ended up laughing…

“Let me gist you about school” Leni would say and she would go on and on about her friends, classmate, lecturers, but there was a part that was not always sitting down well with me…

“All I need to tell them is, Guy, I am mother of three boys and off they run” Whenever she told me about guys asking her out, I would always get angry in my spirit…

Was I jealous?

I couldn’t tell…


I noticed F.D didn’t want to put a ring on it and financially he was growing biger by the day. I complained to Leni about it and she promised to speak to him about it, but I was not seeing changes, so as always, I rolled out a plan

“F.D, I am pregnant” I screamed over the phone


“I just did a pregnancy test and it is positive”

“Wow!” he said

“Wow… is that all you are going to say?”

“Yeah… I mean… thank God… Congratulations”

“Congratulations to us Baby, at least now we can get married, so we don’t have our child outside wedlock”

I didn’t get the response I was expecting.

Was there a reason why F.D was not excited about marrying me?

Opeyemi Akintunde.

I knew I was hooked, now that Promise was pregnant, there was no escaping the marriage.

“Congratulations to us Baby, at least now we can get married, so we don’t have our child outside wedlock” her words echoed in my ears

“Yes…” I managed to say

“I am calling mum right away” Promise said

In less than a month, we were married. I rented family members as I did with Leni because of Promise’s family…

It was a small wedding; we had the court wedding and the traditional wedding where I paid her dowry.

On getting home that evening after our wedding, I noticed Promise was all puppy eyed…

“What’s up with the puppy eye” I knew her tricks, she used her fl!rting in different ways if she wanted to get something from you. It was so bad, she could fl!rt with a common pepper seller just for him to put a few extra tomatoes. I remember when she flirted with a police officer in front of me, and the police officer mockingly said…

“Sir, your wife is fire, if you leave her alone with some men, by the time you come back, there won’t be anything left of her again. Chairman, you are enjoying…”

It had been highly embarrassing.

Therefore, the puppy eye she was giving me that evening definitely meant something…

“I have a confession” she said. My heart raced… I hoped she was not going to say she killed her husband, so she could get married to me…

“Am all ears…” I said not showing my fear and anxiety…

“I am not pregnant”…

Her words were meaningless at first…

“What do you mean?” I asked

She remained silent…

“Promise what do you mean?… Tell me you didn’t fool me into getting married to you?”

“You were not planning on getting married to me.” She said crying like a baby.

I was past falling for that…

“This marriage is over” I said madly

“Please F.D, don’t do this to me”

“Promise I got married to you because there was a baby and since there is no baby, there is no marriage.”

“There will be a baby soon”

“Then our marriage is on hold, till I can hold the baby in my hands” I removed the expensive ring and I dropped it on the table…

I walked out of the house and the only place I wanted to be was… You know where? Right?

“What are you doing here?” Leni asked very alarmed on seeing me at the gate after my wedding…

I didn’t know what came over me, from the gate, I pulled her by the hand and dragged her inside…

“Where are the children?” I asked

“There are asl33p…. F.D…. Seg…” Leni was saying

I kissed Leni with all aggression. Leni was my relief… I noticed she was pulling away from me with all her strength


“Leni, I can’t do this anymore…Promise is driving me crazy…”

“Segun….” She said pointing at a corner of the living room . My pain didn’t let me realize there was someone else in the living room.

Leni had Segun’s baby about five months back. She had hinted me he was planning to take the child from her when he turned 2, I was surprised seeing him there around 8pm…

“Oh! sorry” I said

“No problem Sir, I will like to take my leave” Segun said standing up.

“Segun, this is not what this looks like” Leni said following him.

There was a bit of back and forth between them before Leni came back in…

“F.D, I am not your emotional dumping ground, I am not your side chick when things go wrong with your main chick…” Leni said screaming at me.

“I am sorry, I didn’t know he was here”

“Sorry? F.D…. you just destroyed my chances of getting back together with Segun… For the past five months I have been begging him to come see the baby and he told me he couldn’t come to see a married woman in her husband’s house. I tried convincing him you had left me, but he never believed me until I sent him a picture of your wedding today. He immediately sent a text asking for the house address.” Leni was weeping deeply

My heart broke in uncountable pieces watching her cry…

“F.D, he just got here like twenty minutes ago and We were having a good conversation, I was telling him about my HND, and I could see the slight possibility of us getting back together, but no you won’t let that happen, you came in like a tsunami and destroyed whatever this night could have birthed.” Leni fell to the ground crying…

“I am sorry….” was all I could muster strength to say

“Get out…” Leni screamed at me….


“Get out and never come back” Leni screamed…

“Leni…. please”

“If you do not want me to kill myself right here and right now, get out now!”

Leni screamed as she was wailing in tears as well….

I left my sister and friend… she needed me out of her life, if I wanted her to amount to someone….