Opeyemi Akintunde

Shola made life a living hell, We had only made love the night of our wedding, after that it never occured again as he had seen me with F.D.

I begged, I apologized, I knelt, I seduced. There was nothing I didn’t do. The only thing I didn’t do was tell my mum or anyone about it. It was a shameful thing to say to anyone. How was I going to explain me fl!rting with another man during our honeymoon?

Shola was not a person who forgave.

Instead of sl33ping with me, he would bring different girls home…

I decided to beg him to at least get me pregnant, but his reply was unbearable…

“Me? Deep my manh*od into your gutter? Sl33ping with a prostitute is more dignifing than sl33ping with you. A loose dog that’s what you are”

“Shola, I have apologized repeatedly for over a year, even God forgives”

“Well I am not God, I am human and I intend treating you like a dog because that’s who you are, or what do you call a lady who leaves her husband to go sl33p with a common hotel staff?”

“I did not sl33p with him, we were only talking”

“With your hands in his hands? Promise, you are nothing but sh*t, and I can not deep my sacred self into your sh*t. When you are tired of what you think is a marriage between us, you will walk out on your own and like I always say, you leave with nothing.”

Although I wasn’t speaking with F.D but his name never left our house, my husband couldn’t go a week without referring to him. That made me think of him more.

However the thoughts were two sided …. one side hated him so much, I saw him as an agent of the devil that wanted to destroy the future God had prepared for me. I was mad at myself for fl!rting with him…

The other side of me longed for him, as I kept reasoning the possibility of him being my soulmate, the one Bishop Tolu had prophesied about. There were times I would dial his number just to hear his voice without me saying a word.

I decided to take matters into my hands after I pleaded with Shola to let me go through IVF if he didn’t want to have S*x with me.

“Promise, you still don’t get it, I don’t want to have anything to do with you, I won’t want to have children with you to avoid my blood mixing with that of a dog ”

That was the final straw that broke the camel’s back… I was ready to leave but not without compensation…

“I am leaving just like you have been asking, but I need some form of compensation” I remember telling him.

Shola couldn’t hold back his laughter of mockery. He didn’t reply me, instead he stood up, hissed and walked away. That led me to finding a way of getting rid of him, and taking over all that he owned.

How did I get rid of him?

I poisoned him…

No, that would have been too easy.

I assassinated him…

No, I wanted to get rid of him in a way his death won’t be traced back to me.

I made him kill himself….YES!

How? You ask….

Stay with me….

Opeyemi Akintunde

I made Him Kill himself…


One thing I knew about Shola was his love for his Money. I knew the best way to hurt him was to rip him of his money.

By the end of the second year of our marriage, I was done. I started researching ways of defrauding a person. I found out a lot, but knowing how smart my husband was, I decided to go for something very subtle.

I disguised as a rich black woman from Canada who was interested in investing in Nigeria and helping the less privileged.

I gathered all my life savings of nine million Naira and sent them to him. I bought his trust that way. Since he had my money with him, he didn’t double-check the facts…

I saw how excited he was in the house. I asked him physically at home, but as usual, he gave me a terrible reply…

“Your spells and curses over me are broken. God is opening doors for me” He said proudly.

If only he knew it was not an open door but a door about to shut him out of everything he owned.

My fraudulent personality told him online that I was planning to send 200million Naira to him, but as I was about to get the loan from my bank in Canada, they insisted on verifying the authenticity of the company I was doing business with.

Hence I needed his documents; his business registration, and the data page of his international passport. I also told him I might need to sign some physical documents at the bank, hence he should send me his signature as an online attachment to me… I also told him to scan the original documents of assets he might have that worth 200million Naira.

Shola stupidly sent me all that I asked of him. The original copy of his business registration documents, the scanned data page, bank statements, a scanned copy of his signature, and Scanned Original documents of seven of his major assets including the house we were living in…

Stupid Right? That’s what happens when a man does not carry his wife along…

Guess what I did with them?

Did I burn them? You think?


Did I tear them to pieces? Of what use would that be?

Well, let me make it easy for you. As a former banker, I knew my way around getting loans from different online loan banks. I decided to destroy Shola’s life.

With all his business documents he had stupidly given me plus his scanned signature I got loans from over 5 banks, close to 300 million Naira using his assets as collateral.

Guess what? I made the agreed loan repayment time-frame ridiculously short. I told the banks I was going to repay in three months.

I made sure I didn’t keep the money I got from the banks in my account, I invested it online, that way there was no physical cash in my personal account that could be traced to fraud…

For the sake of young readers, I won’t go in-depth into how I successfully pulled the fraud; from how the loans didn’t drop directly into my account but into an account I opened in Shola’s name with all his documents and how none of the emails we exchanged could be traced to me.

Three months later, Shola’s account holder called him asking him if he had authorized any online loan bank to withdraw some amount from his account as a repayment…

I had submitted his account details and authorised the withdrawal of money should there be a default in paying back.

Trouble started as the remaining 4 banks, reached out to his bank showing the proof of their dealings with him.

Shola remembered giving out those documents to his partner in Canada. He tried reaching the partner, but unfortunately, after several emails that were not replied , he realized he had been scammed. The banks didn’t care that he had been defrauded, they wanted back their money. The banks decided to hold on to the documents of his assets he had tendered as collateral.

Shola’s brain could not handle it. He didn’t have a lot of cash in his account as he was big on investments… One Saturday Morning, he didn’t come out of his room. I knocked at his door for several minutes, but after becoming impatient, I called our security man to help pull down the door.

Shola lay still on his bed. He had died in his sl33p. He had a Cardiac attack…

Did I kill him?

No, I didn’t, he killed himself…

His unforgiveness killed him

I begged him to forgive me for my one day of fl!rting but he refused…

That was what killed him…

Fortunately, for me, I had gotten my money as his widow before he died.

Throughout his ordeal, he saw me as an inconsequential unimportant woman, he never spoke to me about what was happening. I was only eavesdropping on his conversation with his friends. Maybe, if he had been humble and forgiving enough, to tell me what he was going through, I might have tempered justice with mercy…

Instead, he choose to carry the burden all by himself, and that burden crushed him in his sl33p…

It, therefore, wasn’t making sense that F.D would dare send me a text that he was not interested in me anymore, after all I went through because of him and for us to be together.

He had to be joking… His text must have been a mistake…

It was a do or die…I was not letting go…