Opeyemi Akintunde

It is very unlikely that everyone reading this would trust me to be disciplined enough to ignore that message but I did…

I ignored the message…

I did for good thirty minutes. Thirty minutes that felt like eternity. I paced around in my room as the surge of the familiar excitement I had for Promise ran through my veins. I thought I was over her but a simple text from her knocked me out…

I suddenly started perceiving her smell though she was not anywhere close. It seemed like my memory suddenly brought up every feeling, every thought, every emotion associated with Promise

With shaky f!ngers, I dialled her number. I swallowed hard and I could hardly breathe. My heart was beating very fast…

” Hello!” Her voice still sounded delectable though sad..

I ended the call. Why? I knew what I was doing was wrong. Leni was first my sister before becoming my wife. I couldn’t hurt her this way. Though things were not at its best for us but as her brother, I still had pity for her…

” No! I can’t do this to Leni”

” But I deserve to be happy!” I convinced myself

” Friday, if you didn’t marry Leni in a rush, this would have been a happy moment, Promise coming back would have been great!” I said to myself

She called back…

I resisted the urge to answer..

” I am lodged in Sentinel Hotel 313. I will be expecting you” She texted

I turned off my phone hoping that would kill the urge of seeing her…

Two hours later, I found myself in front of Sentinel Hotel.

” You can still turn back” the Me that didn’t want to hurt Leni pleaded

” Go in” the Me that loved myself said.

Ten minutes later, the Me that loved Me won. I knocked at her door; the receptionist had told me to go to the room as she had been expecting me…

She opened the door and without saying anything to each other, our lips found each other. We took each other into each other’s embrace like hungry dogs.

For the first time in years, I was making love to a woman. Whatever I had with Leni was just bodily exercise. My soul was in the one with Promise . I was at home here. As we were at it, I knew there was no turning back, I knew Leni was going to lose out in this. Promise was my soul mate and there was no leaving her for another man…

” Marry me, before you run off with another man!” I said as we lay naked in each other’s arm. I felt naked and unashamed with her. I was at ease with her. I felt no shame, but a little Leni guilt kept trying to tug at my heart but I kept pressing it down..

” And we have a lot of money to spend. My husband left me a lot of money before he died. He worked so hard to make the money, but didn’t stay to enjoy it.”

” How did he die?” I asked in fear. I silently hoped she didn’t kill him for us to be together.

” Cardiac Arrest! He wasn’t resting, he was all about making money. F.D my life has been hell in the past two years. I almost died of depression. I was always lonely, I decided to have a child with him at least that way I would have someone to play with, but the baby was not forthcoming. I decided to go for prayers for conception, but everywhere I went for, I was always told I have missed the man I ought to marry. I knew it was you F.D and I knew I had to find my way back to you. Thankfully, he died.”

I dragged her close and kissed her forehead…

” I am happy you are not married, I would have killed myself if I found you married” Promise said

I couldn’t tell her I was married…

” How is your Sister?” She asked out of the blues

I was shocked, how did she know about Leni?

” You told me about her that night we chatted for hours!”
She said as if to answer my thoughts

” Yeah! She is fine.. She has a second baby” I said

” Wow! Nice…that means she is married now? ”

” No…she let another man impregnate her, so she still lives with me” I said trying to cover my tracks.

” Aww…she must really be a girl who wears her heart on her sleeves. She is getting entangled with guys who are not ready to settle down with her.” Promise said

” Yeah!” Was all I could say

” I would love to meet her” She said. This was exactly what I saw coming.

” Sure, I will arrange a meeting” I said

” Why not now?”

” No…I am on the night shift , I am going to the hotel from here. I will come pick you up tomorrow morning ”

” Ok!”

I had told a lie, I was not going to the hotel that night. I went back home. I had to beg Leni for one thing…

She had to tell a half truth; I wanted her to pretend to Promise that she was just my sister and not my wife.

I couldn’t lose Promise again and as for Leni, she was going to be my secret wife. I would get her a better Accomodation and try to give her the life I was hoping she would have, with the money Promise got from her husband.

I am a good man right? Don’t say I am a bad man, If you were in my shoes and you are entangled with the wrong person in marriage and suddenly the right person shows up after marriage, what would you do?

Be honest!

Opeyemi Akintunde

At this point in this story of ours, you dear reader would have thought I should have learnt my lesson but No! I made another big mistake!

My name is Leni, and for the next few chapters I will be engaging your mind with my angle of the story…

When Baby Greg turned one, I knew I had gotten into the wrong marriage and somewhere out there was my soulmate. As a way of escaping my reality, whenever I had the opportunity I fed my mind with a lot of movies and unfortunately most of the ones I saw focused on marrying one’s soulmate.

That pushed me into thinking a lot about Segun. I knew Segun loved me and the way I cut off from him was quite unfair. Not forgetting that at this point, I no longer had Shalewa and Aunty Yemi, I was sinking deep into depression as the only person close to me saw me as trash.

During the early days of my household chores work I did, in other to bring food to the table in our marriage, I was fortunate to work for a man who only came to Nigeria for weeks at intervals for some sort of business. He gave me the key to the house asking me to clean his place every weekend whether he was around or not.

This was my hideout.

I went there to cool off, watch movies, sl33p till evenings when I had to return home.

Sometimes, I took my kids there as a form of excursion and they loved it. F.D knew nothing about the place.

In my period of lazing around in the house on one of those weekends, Segun’s thought kept running through my mind and after much deliberation, I called his number…

I just wanted a fling, I wanted a Romance, I wanted a man to love me for real and Segun was the closest to the person who loved me genuinely… I wanted him to excite me with words, I wanted someone to tell me I was beautiful. ..

” Hello…” I heard his voice …

Wow! My heart raced in Joy, but guilt would not let me say a thing…

” Leni, Are you there?” He asked

” Hello Segun” I finally found my voice but emotions failed me. Thoughts of what I had faced in over 20 months broke me. I started crying profusely…

” Leni, what is wrong? Are you okay?” He kept asking the same question for another two minutes.

” Talk to me!” He said finally

” I have suffered! And I want to kill myself, I just called to apologise for what F.D made me do to you. I am sorry. I really loved you, but F.D made me choose Wrongly”

” Where are you?” He asked

I told him where I was and gave him the address to the house…

About three hours later, Segun got to my hideout.

I explained all that went down in tears.

” You mean you got married to your orphanage brother!” Segun could not believe his ears. Segun burst into tears…

” Leni, you made me suffer for close to two years wondering what I must have done to you, you made me feel worthless. Leni, you made me lose interest in marriage completely. There was something I never told you, which I was planning to tell you right before you cut me off…”

” What?”

“The reason behind my late marriage… Leni, my fiancee stopped our marriage a day to our wedding because her father insisted that she could not marry someone who was from my village. Leni, I loved Dorcas with my life and I knew God wanted me to marry her, but her father was the stumbling block. I was 28 years when it happened and for another 8 years I kept hoping and praying she would come back to me, but by the 8th year she married someone her father approved. By that time, I was 36. Leni for nine years , I ran away from anything that had to do with women, I almost ran mad, that’s why I don’t have an Accommodation of my own. My family was trying to prevent Suicide.

Leni, when I turned 45, you came into my life and gave me hope. Leni, you made me happy for 3 months and without prior warning you crushed my heart.. ”

” I am sorry!”

” You don’t have to, I have resolved to becoming a eunuch for God…”

” No, you can’t do that…Love is beautiful, I yearn for it Segun and that’s why I reached out to you again”

” Reach out to me for what? You are married with a child”

” Segun, can we just be friends..I have no one to talk to. This is my secret haven. I take care of this house for someone who lives abroad.”

Segun looked at me and he simply nodded. We sat across each other; there was an invisible wall between us.

I offered to serve him some food but he declined saying he was on a fast.

When I heard he was on a fast, I controlled my s3xual emotion.

From that day, we called each other every day, but Segun knew when to call. He called majorly when I was out of the house. During weekends, we normally would hang out at the house.

I flirted a lot with him, but Segun was strong willed. He told me seeing me alone gave him joy.

I wanted more…I wanted some skin to skin, because love was a major ingredient in lovemaking and that love was absent in the lovemaking between F.D and I.

Segun held his cool for almost 3 months, but after 3 months, he failed himself…

We had met at the house as usual and seeing him that day, I could tell there was a lot of pent up emotions about to explode.

Indeed, he exploded and I could tell I was in for it. I knew I was going to get pregnant, so immediately we parted ways, I rushed to get one of those pills I heard prevented pregnancy.

Our love escapades continued for another 9 months till I missed my period .

This was after Baby Greg turned 2. I relied so much on my pills that I didn’t expect to be pregnant but unexpectedly I started feeling funny.

I bought a pregnancy kit and confirmed the pregnancy…

I sat down in the Living room thinking of how my life had taken a new turn, when F.D walked into the living room.

” Leni, we need to talk!”