Opeyemi Akintunde

When I saw her, I lost track of time and space. I literally saw myself in a timeless and spaceless frame with just both of us present.

I couldn’t understand why I was so drawn to her, my heart started racing like a motorbike at top speed. Not only was my heart racing, it was making loud noises in my ears just like the sound of the motorbike which made every other sound hide in the background.

” F.D! F.D! FFFF….DDDDD!” I heard the echo of my initials from Reuben’s lips. My name is Friday, but popularly called F.D. Slowly, I turned to my left where Reuben stood shouting my name.

” Yes!” I replied with my heart still racing.

“Are you Okay?” Reuben asked

” Hmm?” I asked because Reuben was suddenly sounding meaningless and simultaneously I had become clueless.

” I asked Are you Okay?” Reuben repeated

“Sure, I am fine!” I replied sharply facing my front again, but this time around, the object of my temporal insanity, whose appearance stopped time for me was no where in sight.

I ran forward searching for her like she was my lost bride…

“Which way did she go?” I questioned in my head.

” The Elevator of course, dullhead” The right thinking side of me replied. She was a guest at the hotel who just arrived and the Elevator was definitely where she would have gone.

I rushed towards the elevator, and just as I got there, the door closed. I stood wanting to know which floor the elevator would stop.

” 4″ I could see that the elevator stopped for a while at the 4th floor… I immediately ran towards the Staff Elevator.

I could feel Reuben’s wondering eyes trailing me. This was totally out of my character. F.D was not an outgoing spontaneous person. I was not someone who acted irrationally, I was very careful in my dealings.

Though I was a Hotel Staff, I carried myself like I was the Son of a billionaire. My Uniform always well ironed, my hair well groomed, my shoes well polished, and I was not someone of many words. Therefore, racing across the hotel walkway was definitely out of my character.

I got to the Staff Elevator in time before Sade one of the cleaners shut the elevator door. Thankfully, she was going to the fourth floor.

” Are you Okay F.D?” Sade couldn’t help but ask. I was panting.

” I am fine!” I replied sharply trying to comport myself

The time it took to ascend to the fourth floor seemed like forever.

Sade knew it was best she let me out first, and Whew! I didn’t see what was coming until it was late.

I ran into her face to face, almost like I was going in for a Kiss.

” Oh Wow! So sorry” She said

” Sorry!” A male voice said as well

” sorry…My …fault ” I managed to say

It was at that point I saw the bigger picture clearer…

She had a beautiful white sequined dress on. It had a long tail. Her hair was stylished packed into a bun and sitting on her head was a silver crown embellished with pearls.

Her neck was decked with pearl jewelries that shone like newly whitened teeth.

Her hands glowed and looked supple like it had been glazed with milk. However, as my eyes travelled the length of her right hand taking in every detail possible, I saw how intertwined her hand was, with the hand of the man she was walking with.

In that same flash, I quickly accessed the man she was walking with, His suit spoke money, His Shoe spoke money and his demeanor spoke Pride, money and Control.

” F.D, you have never come across to me as a man who loves the concept of marriage, I always thought you will end up a Catholic Father!” Sade said laughing as she walked past the striken me…

” Marriage!” I thought

The woman who had disrupted his life and right thinking was a newly wedded bride who was beautifully dressed in her Wedding gown, who obviously had come to the hotel where he worked for her honeymoon in the company of her husband.

I couldn’t explain how I, Friday Omojola who was notorious for not being interested in women or relationships was suddenly losing it over a newly wedded bride!


Opeyemi Akintunde

” Cute Couple right?” Festus said from behind me. I had been standing akinbo watching her disappear in the distance.

” Huh Huh” I replied turning to face Festus.

” Well, being cute is a function of money. I hear the guy is loaded, Aisha said he gave her N5000 tip” Festus said about the receptionist.

I was more interested in what Festus had in his front. As one of the bellboys, he was helping the guest with their luggages.

” Let me help you with that!” I said picking one of the travelling boxes from the bell cart.

” Wow! That’s a first time. When did a conciege staff start helping a bellboy in his duties? Especially F.D the fine man?That’s strange!” Festus said

” I am less busy at the moment and I can see a little assistance would be appreciated. ” I said

” Well, I appreciate it, but I won’t be sharing any tip I get!” Festus said

“Sure! I am not doing this for the tip” I assured him.

We walked to the room which I found out from Festus was 480.

Like someone walking on eggshells, I walked into the bedroom with the thought that I would have the couple in a loved up position, but to my surprise, it seem the man had other matters to attend to. He was on the phone discussing with someone, while the bride was trying to turn on the T.V…

” Can I help you with that ma’am?” I offered

” What station would you prefer?” I asked

” Anything on Fashion…Fashion is my therapy. It helps me relax when I am tensed” She said laughing heartily. Her laughter warmed my soul. Her laughter was so rich it felt tangible, like you could hold it…

” Did she say Fashion was her therapy? ” I thought. This woman was pulling me the more, because Fashion was the dearest thing to me ever. I had big dreams of having a big Fashion house, but dreams without money would always remain a dream.

” Don’t mind me, I talk too much!” She said laughing again as I stood trying to waste as much time as possible in searching for the channel I was familiar with. Fashion Lifestyle 109 was my favourite channel. As an upcoming fashion designer, Who only sew his own clothes, I was always stuck with the channel…

” Here you have it ma’am. My name is Friday, but everyone calls me F.D. I am a concierge staff, I can assist you with making dinner and tour reservations, offer suggestions for best places to shop, and I could also arrange transportation for you. I could pick up or send parcels for you and More.” I said

” Ok! Thank you!” She anwered looking amused

” Just put a call through to the reception and ask for F.D” I said emphasising my initials..

” Ok! Thank you!”

All the while, I could feel Festus’ eyes looking at me in disbelief. This conversation I was having with the guest was meant to be over the phone. The front desk would call and inform them of the services of a concierge.

“Enjoy your stay Sir and Ma!” Festus said raising his voice as a wake up call for me to get back to planet earth.

We walked out of the room but not before I heard her say…

” See you Later F.D!” I couldn’t believe she had registered my name in her heart.

” Oga! You are pure bad luck!” I heard Festus say loudly.

” This has nothing to do with me, the man was on a call. Were you expecting him to hang up for him to give you a tip” I said.

” That Aside F.D, what was all that you did inside? Are you hitting on a married woman? Newly Married woman?” Festus said bluntly.

” What ? What?” Friday denied

” F.D, I am a streetguy, I understand this strategy! But my advise is ” Be careful”. The husband looks like a wild one” Festus said wheeling his cart away

All that fell on deaf ears, because at that point all I was thinking of was her eyes and her smile.

” F.D!” I heard my name from behind and for a short while, I thought my heart was going to jump out of my body… She was calling me.

” Hi F.D, back there, I had a strange feeling of knowing you from somwhere. F.D, have we met before? I am drawn to you like I know you.” I watched how those words poured out beautifully from her mouth.