ABEJOYE FILM REVIEW (gospel films)

Abejoye Season Two was;

Written By: Mike BAMILOYE

Directed By: Mike BAMILOYE & Isaac Femi AKINTUNDE,

Produced By Gloria BAMILOYE & Wole ADEYI

Shot By: Damilola Mike BAMILOYE,

Sound Effect and Music By: Joshua Mike BAMILOYE

Edited By: Joshua Mike BAMILOYE & Ruth ADEPOJU


Olayiotan Abejoye who had been in the USA since season one of this movie was arrested by God after facing many browbeating orchestrated by the family of Obaojebolo (Oluoje and Iya Akesan). Abejoye accepted Jesus Christ to his life and was no longer slave to them and their plights. Abejoye Season two named peacemaker indeed compelled peace to reign and settled once and for all an affliction rising the second time with wisdom and with the word of God. Also Baba Abejoye became insulated, defensive and resisting to their attacks from Nigeria which till the end of the movie was still a mystery to many of the villagers of Ajibogun. –Ifeoluwa Orisakahunsi

However despite the acclaims and commendations by lovers of gospel films particularly extended family and friends of Mount Zion Faith Ministry that Abejoye Season two satisfied all areas of cinematography and was far better than the season one of the movie, the popular gospel Film critics, Oris Daniel has come on his Youtube Channel to rate the movie 8 of 10 points from his own view with reasons seeming justifiable to him.

Read why he rated the movie 8 on the scale of 10.

Abejoye Season Two was almost perfect, all the characters acted brilliantly and almost faultless. The opening credit was beautiful, balanced and sophisticated message, conflict resolution and the ending was stunning. Attention and detail were paid to the continuity of Baba Abejoye’s tribal marks in each of the scenes, the costumes were appropriate for each character, the name of the movie “the peacemaker” was appropriate, the editing and the effects too were okay as well. Indeed the lesson and message in the movie was intense and power packed. The point SEASON TWO PART ONE ended will definitely push you to check what’s in SEASON TWO PART TWO.


  • Gbarabijo’s shadow was visible on the wall: As a spirit claimed he was, his shadow was not expected to be seen at all. That’s a flaw that should have been corrected by the editor or the brain behind the after effects for the movie.
  • Baba Abejoye was always on cap making it look unrealistic: One of the scenes, baba even woke up with his cap on.
  • There were too many veterans in the movie: Their roles (short) could have been played by upcoming actors.
  • Gbenga Ayoola’s character didn’t embody the leader of the coven: He was looking like the junior in the coven, his voice was so light and thin.
  • Johnson Babatola’s set design is becoming fixed and following a trend for all his works: He needs to be versatile with the way he does his set designing in movies to look different from each other. Though it was well done but improvement and flexibility is needed still.
  • More makeup works should have been done on Gloria Bamiloye to make her look younger so as to fit in well into the role of Bamidele’s wife.
  • Some interior day scenes looked like light scenes probably because of poor lighting or camera settings.
  • Baba Abejoye knew too much as a new convert. (A personal opinion though)
  • Phone Ringtones: These ringtones are beginning to be repeated in Mount Zion Films. Same ringtones back to back. They should not be limited.

ABEJOYE SEASON 2 RATING: 8 of 10 points! By: Oris Daniel.

Published By: Ifeoluwa ORISAKAHUNSI
C.E.O, gospelfilmsng