Film Review; AKOBI LAAROYE Season II by Oris Daniel



Akobi Larooye ll scooped 14 awards at the 2019 gospel film festival 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 hmmmm now the question is was it worth it?? find out in the course of this review.

Akobi Laaroye Season ll is a parables epic movie written by Victor Olukoju and directed by Isaac Femi Akintunde it tells the story about the return of Awogbona(played by Victor Olukoju) now jesu gbami to Iyarako village a village he once ruled and terrorized with the powers of Satan, before he left to the city where he got saved. He returns to the village with Pastor Eko played by Wole Olayiwola, the fearful Nelson played by Babatunde Oreniyi,Kabiesi played by Isaac Femi Akintunde and Olori Inaloju played by Lara Ayoola off cause they shouldn’t expect an easy journey as they face fierce battles first at the village entrance they encounter Onibode Ara the dreaded evil masquerade played by Festus Dairo who was sent to stop them from penetrating into the village by Aworonsasa the three witches played by Idowu Oluwaferanmi, Adeola Deborah and Runsewe Grace. They are able to conquer them by the name of Jesus and successfully enter into lyarako but that was just the beginning a tip of the eyes Berg, they face so many battles from other wicked spirits Funfulawo played by Remi Bangboje who came on a revenge mission but failed, Titunina the fierce priest played by Solomon Oluwaferanmi who staged a fight with Jesu gbami at the village square but bowed in the end, and Ebora Ile Agbara, in the end they are victorious and Iyarako town is won for Jesus.

Akobi laaroye ll was good but not great, it can’t stand the thrill and success of season l (personal opinion) from the story line one can easily tell that Akobi Laaroye ll is no match to Akobi Laaroye l (personal opinion) the intrigue suspense and action in season I still stands better than that of season ll(personal opinion)

However I cant deny the fact that Akobi Laaroye ll was good, I’ll like to appreciate some cast and crew members who acted as life savers to the project, story and entire production without these people this production would have been a complete flop, they saved the life of the story that was falling from the mounting top to the ground. Remi Bangboje was so believable as Funfulawo she brought out her best and one can tell from her performance that she understood the character well kudos to you ma’am, Solomon Oluwaferanmi was brilliant as well, I doff my hat for The three witches Aworonsasa’s played by Idowu Oluwaferami, Debora Adeola, Runsewe Grace. The lead character Victor Olukoju was brilliant as well thank God he understood that I didn’t want to see any iota of Awogbona in Jesu gbami. It will be unfair if I forget to appreciate Lara Ayoola Isaac femi Akintunde, Wole Olayiwola, Segun Badejo and Babatunde Oreniyi. Isaac Femi Akintinde did a great job in directing the film as the film had a large cast and extras every film maker knows what it takes to direct a film like this Weldon Sir.

Abiola Nattytunes Babalola did a great job with the after effects, special effects the graphics were real and believable I love the opening credit and drone shot as well,

The Director of Photography Kunle Adepoju did a great job, I can imagine the stress of using a Canon 60D to shoot such a big high budget film and still bringing out the essence of the film without anyone noticing, I’ll like to say I did not know it was a 60D that was used for this film until recently the Producer Victor Olukoju announced it via his facebook page in an inspiring writeup. the effort of the DOP Kunle Adepoju is highly commendable Kudos Sir. The camera operator Tella B and Camera assistant Oladeru Isiah did a wonderful job as well one can tell after watching the film.

The sound and editing were good

I had a few good laughs here and there in the film. Kudos to the cast and crew


ORIS DANIEL (gospel films)

Now to the flaws

  1.  Jesu gbami played by Victor Olukoju and his entourage arrive Iyarako village from the city after a very long and tedious journey yet no sign of tiredness on any of them Victor Olujoju’s neck tie still intact his shirt not rumpled well tucked in and suit buttoned up no sweat on any of them. they were all looking too well and neatly dressed for people who just had a long and stressful journey this made the story unrealistic and unbelievable.
  2. Onibode Ara the dreaded masquerade appears on top of the vehicle and after his dissappearance marks or traces of his body footprints and tumb print is left on the dust on the vehicle top, a spirit is not meant to have footprints as he is not a physical being. This could have been corrected by wiping off the dust off the car and spraying new dust.
  3. A mysterious evil wind was sent by the three witches Aworonsansan to stop jesu gbami and his entourage from entering into Iyarako village but this wind blew only the leaves on the ground and the trees nearby were standing still I believe such wind would have blown everything around them.
  4. In other to save time The driver Nelson played by Babatunde Oreniyi was left to fix the vehicle and later join the rest at lyarako village but the driver and the vehicle never showed up in the story again.
  5. Babatunde Oreniyi who plays this fearful driver who has already had an encounter with the masquerade Onibode Ara while driving is told to remain behind to fix the car and he didn’t object, hmmmm 🤔🤔🤔🤔someone as fearful as Nelson will not agree to be left alone in that place after his experience with Onibode Ara the dreaded masquerade.
  6. On their way into Iyarako Victor Olukoju sees his long time customer played by Kayode Babalola urinating along the road they stop to greet and Pastor Eko remains sitted in the vehicle leaving Jesu gbami alone to go down and meet Kayode Babalola’s character this is not right as the both would have come down together to make the witnessing/evangelism more effective rather than leaving Jesu gbami alone to do the job he still needs to be guided by a higher anointing, because he could have messed the process up just like he tried to slay Titunina but was stopped.
  7. The battle in season ll should have been more intense and fierce than that of season one, the evil spirits gave up too easily and quickly Than expected. The story fell below my expectation and I had high hopes after seeing season l. The story would have been better

In all I still stand to say Akobi Laaroye ll was good and deserved some though not all of the awards it received at the 2019 gospel film festival.

NB: This review is based on personal opinion which might be right or wrong and might not match with yours. Keep your comments respectful please as I mean no harm God bless you all

Rating – 7/10

Director – Isaac Femi Akintunde

Producer – Victor and Francisca Olukoju

Writer – Victor Olukoju

DOP – Kunle Adepoju

Camera Operator – Tella B

Camera assistant – Oladeru Isiah

Make up – Tomiwa Oluwaferanmi, Favour Oyesomi

Set designer – Johnson Babatola

Continuity – Chioma Chukwulotam

Editor/Special Effect – Abiola Nattytunes Babalola


Movie Reviewed by: ORIS DANIEL

PUBLISHED on this website By: Ifeoluwa ORISAKAHUNSI
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