Feminism is doing more harm than good to women – Nigerian lady, writes

A Nigerian woman identified as Tabugo Violet Amaka has warned other women about the dangers of feminism.

According to the lady, “feminism has done more harm than good to our Nigerian women, most especially to our single ladies.” She warned that women who try to practice feminism bring “harm” upon themselves.

She wrote;

“Feminism has done more harm than good to our Nigerian women most especially to our single Ladies that practicing it. You hardly see married women practicing it here in Nigeria except a “divorcee”.

No man in his right senses would allow his wife to practice “feminism” under his roof especially in Igbo land where I came from.

The more you try to practice “feminism” as a woman, the more harm you bring upon yourself both psychologically and mentally because we have cultures and some cultures need to be respected in the absence of women.

There are some decisions and action women are not allow to make or take now matter how rich and educated you are as woman in Nigeria or igbo land.

What you people are fighting for here is an impossible mission, safe yourself the stress and sanity. We are not white people, we Africans, most of the things they do, doesn’t work for us.

Till Jesus comes, gender equality will never be adopted here in Nigeria. So get that into your head.”