Talented ‘Trouble Maker’ in movies – Femi Adebile teases Deborah Adeola as she shares her experiences in gospel filmmaking

Femi Adebile a.k.a Fejosbaba has taken to his new Facebook page ‘Doctor Truth’ to interview a veteran gospel film actress, Deborah Adeola on her experiences over the years in gospel filmmaking.

In the roughly 8mins video clip, Femi Adebile asked Deborah Adeola some questions in pidgin English which were brilliantly answered by her as per;

the day she will never forget, her sweetest experience, ugliest experience, the production she’s involved in that she liked the most and others.


Femi Adebile (Doctor Truth) – How long have you been in this industry (gospel filmmaking) and share with us your experiences?

Deborah Adeola – I’ve been in the industry for many years and my experiences are not little but it’s a mix of the good, the bad and the weird.

Femi Adebile further asked her to share with his audience the day she will never forget on film location.

deborah adeola 3

According to the actress, she will never forget the day she was warned by her husband not to take their one month old baby to a movie location.

She ignored the warnings and took the baby boy to the movie location, unfortunately, the baby was bitten by an insect that led to the baby being admitted in a hospital.

“I began to cry, prayed to God to please save my baby, God who has never put me to shame answered my prayers” – She added

Femi Adebile: How many movies have you featured in since you started?

Adeola Deborah: Ah!!! I cannot count them, I lost counting long time ago. They are just too many

deborah adeola 3

Femi Adebile: Out of all the movies you have featured in, which of them was your greatest hit that brought you into limelight?

Deborah Adeola: No responsible mother prefers a child over another. A responsible parent loves his/her children equally. All the gospel movie productions I have featured in are like my children. I love all of them because they all contributed positively to my life.

Femi Adebile: Which role do you find hard to play?

Deborah Adeola: The only role I have never and will never play is any role that will make me go nak€d because I value my body and I will never sell it for any amount. But any role given to me will definitely get its best performance.

Femi Adebile: Your happiest moment?

Deborah Adeola: The happiest day in the industry was the day I received ‘something huge’ as honorarium when I had zero hope of getting anything from the producer. I danced happily when I received the credit alert in the middle of the night.

At the end of the interview, Femi Adebile said she should give the audience a monologue… Guess what? She chose vawulence again!

Femi Adebile affirmed that she is good at all roles but giving the role of someone who is hot tempered fits her more.

“Giving her the role of Holy Spirit’ in movies is wrong casting” – Femi Adebile commented.

Watch the video HERE

Source: Doctor Truth (Facebook Page).