Femi Adebile set to roll out N100,000 cash giveaway in celebration of Christmas, gives condition


As part of his Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR), popular gospel actor, Femi Adebile has announced that in celebrating this year’s Christmas, the actor is rolling out a total amount of N100,000 giveaway to Nigerians.

Speaking on the reason for the giveaway at a time like this, the filmmaker noted that many families are not financially stable to celebrate this year’s Christmas the way they intended, hence coming up with the giveaway for those who are genuinely in need of financial support.

The actor however gives conditions to the beneficiaries.


These times are hard for a lot of people. A lot do come to my DMs for assistance many times. But what can I do? Am also looking up to God for provisions

Many cannot even afford to cook anything for Christmas. I understand that being like Christ is not just in Preaching. Loving like Christ is not just teaching the word

The real character of Christ is in love. For God so loves the world that he gave. Not that he preached, not that he prophesied, but that he GAVE! Studying My Role Model (Christ) He is love personified

He presented his teaching with an epitome of love! And today we are celebrating his birth. Whether he was born today or in August or January. The truth remains that ‘HE IS BORN’. And so by personal revelation and leading. I want to be a blessing to some set of people!

NOW TO THE RULES; You know genuinely that you have nothing to celebrate Xmas. You wished you make your family smile on this special day

You wished you make this day special in your environment. And honestly, you have nothing and can’t afford anything! You feel does Jesus really care about me and my family today?

Off course, He does and has sent me to bless you. I don’t have much, I don’t have all! He is still building & testing me. But out of the little he has blessed me with:

I wish to share 100k (Hundred thousand Naira) to 20 people. If you are in the above category and you are truly genuine. Tell me the reason why you need this little monetary gift

Tell me what you could use the money for to make this day different. Tell me what you need the money for as we celebrate Christmas. Then…We will check and ask those qualified for their account details

N.B: Don’t Appreciate me if you receive it, Just appreciate Jesus who sent me! Do not come to my DM for special consideration, You won’t get a response. Do not ask if you have, Let’s it be for those who don’t have. God bless you