‘Consistency’ – Femi Adebile encourages gospel ministers as he shares massive throwback photos

Evangelist Femi Adebile has shared some throwback photos of himself, as he expresses gratitude to God for growth and also establishing that ‘nothing good comes without sacrifice’.

In some of the photos obviously taken on film locations with some cast and crew members, Femi Adebile looked really young with his face filled with joy as usual.

In the caption that accompanied the post, Femi encourages his followers to never relent or get weary of pushing.

He urged them to also run the ministry God has committed in their hands with God’s given manual if they want a stress free journey and guard it as though their lives depend on it.

Femi Adebile also noted that he didn’t just rise ‘suddenly’ but he started from zero level and gained a lot of experiences alongside his right hand man, Bro Asegun Oluyemi who is still with him.

In his words;

“I am not Prophet Suddenly oooo, For those who think people just appears Suddenly

Feed your eyes with those beautiful pictures, You Will see two consistent faces

Bro Asegun Oluyemi Enoch and Bro Femi there, It was God, it is still God and it will always be God

My people, My generation! Just keep pushing , God is ever faithful!

Be focused! Your journey will be less stressful when you are using your own manual!

Learn when you need to learn!  Serve when you need to serve! But while serving, don’t drop your own mandate, Carry your mandate like your life depends on it! Good Morning, FTW is here again”


GFNG complied some comments to the pictures. See them below

David Balogun Obaloluwa; Men have been labouring, going about the father’s business since a veeeeery long time. So when you want to ask your question, “when did he arrive gan?”

Remember this Post, Sacrifice have been paid, Dues have been paid. Glory to Jesus for growth, Increase and many ministerial and personal achievements. God hasn’t started with you, sir I celebrate grace Femi Prem Adebile Asegun Oluyemi

Bangboje Remi ; “While serving, dont drop your mandate…”

This is the KEY… Everyone has mandate to fulfilled, but always drop it or forget it during the period serving others… MORE GRACE DEAR BROTHER

Doyin Tobi: Thank You for this encouragement… Femi Prem Adebile It’s very Timely for me Sir.

I sometimes wonder if we can ever have another that will be as passionate and stay consistent in gospel production. But I know God will raise more and even through your hands.

Oluwaseun Josua Olorunfemi: Yes Sir, I remembered I met you for the first time ever in the year 2013 after I watched your movie “ALAGBARA AJOJI” it has not been easy but Jesus has been helping you and PREM FILMS PRODUCTION,

as Jesus is also helping me too because there are oppositions but Jesus will always see all of us through, I’m very proud of you anywhere and at any time I respect grace Sir..

Oyerinde Blessing: Your unseen labour by Men has brought you far to this level, and you never reach where God is taking you to.

The Lord Almighty will continue working and walking with you in Jesus name. Ride on my Oga, in whom I am well pleased