Femi Adebile elated as his new movie ‘Death Sentence’ hits 19k views within 24hrs of release

Popular gospel filmmaker, Evang. Femi Adebile has taken to social media pages to express his gratitude to his fans as his newly released movie hits 19,000 views within 24hrs of release.

Sharing a screenshot from the movie via his Instagram page, the actor said any gathering with 19,000 participants in attendance should be considered a huge success therefore his 19,000 views on his newly released movie ‘Death Sentence’ within 24hrs on YouTube is also a great success.

GFNG recalls that the filmmaker had promoted the movie extensively on various platforms long before its release.

Appreciating his fans, he wrote;
So yesterday at our Cinema (FEJOSBABA TV)
About 19000 people came to watch my latest movie
Wao, what a great attendance at the cinema
19000 gathered in Fejosbaba TV Hall to watch my movie?

Any offline gathering that numbers up to 19k participants is a great success, Any church program or crusade with this number in their halls or field has done a great job!

19000 from all around the world to watch the movie and about 257 viewers gave beautiful comments on the red carpet while they were leaving while about 3000 participants just told me they love it!

They left the Cinema hall immediately but as they were leaving more people kept trouping into the hall! This is our reports from the ushering and protocol team
Those 19k people promised to tell others and invite them to watch

We have rearranged the hall as new people are coming. We hope to record more participants today at the cinema! The cinema is about to be full again. Your gate fee is in the comments section

Femi Adebile elated as his new movie ‘Death Sentence’ hits 19k views within 24hrs of release

Femi Adebile warns fans downloading his movies

Recall that the filmmaker had earlier encouraged his followers to always stream his movies online instead of downloading, he also encouraged them to watch all aspects of the movie instead of forwarding it and also watch the ads to the end instead of skipping it.

Explaining further, Femi Adebile to his time to explain the negative effects of skipping ads, forwarding his movies and downloading to watch offline have on his YouTube channels and his other videos.

In his words;
Three important things we request from you from Fejosbaba TV this year and I know His will help you!

1. If you must download our movies offline for repeated views due to data, kindly please let your first view of our films be streamed online after which you could download for subsequent views, we have discovered that a lot of people download our movie even more than those who stream online,

1Gig data which I think is 300 naira is more than enough to stream our movie online, just see it as a sacrifice to help our ministry as you come to watch it! Don’t just give people our movies to watch let them subscribe and know the channel it is coming from so we can grow our community! Pls

2. Please and please stop fast forwarding any aspect of our movies, we do see it and it reduces our “Audience Retention” and once audience retention is reduced, Recommendations is going to drastically reduce, watch the entire video from the beginning to the end and don’t just watch the acts,

check the opening and closing credit, check the crew list that participated in making the movie a blessing. It increases our Audience Retention! If you are not ready to watch yet don’t go and start skipping and forwarding the video anyhow, it’s affecting us! Pls

3. Don’t skip the ads you see in the video, see I know the ads can be frustrating at times especially when it comes at a time you have really gone into the rhema from the video but pls patience is a virtue let the ads play to the end through that it will help our revenue to be better and inturn help us to get funds for more works because YouTube doesn’t really pay creator well enough anymore. There’s nothing to be shy or pretend about! It’s for the Kingdom! Let the ads play! Pls

I know God will help us all
Who is changing from tomorrow?
What are your thoughts?

Femi Adebile appreciates wife Rebecca

The Director of Fejosbaba TV, Evang. Femi Adebile a.k.a Fejosababa has penned an appreciation note to his wife, Rebecca Femi-Adebile who played one of the major role in the movie titled ‘Death Sentence’ billed for release this Sunday.

Before now, Femi Adebile had already used the Fejosbaba Tv YouTube channel to advertise his new films, “Death Sentence” and its Yoruba counterpart “Ejo Iku,” which will hit his YouTube Channel on January 22 and 25 of 2023, respectively.

Sharing a photo of his wife taken during the film shooting, Femi Adebile disclosed that he had to ask his wife Rebecca Femi-Adebile if she could take on the part owing to the stress associated with it. However, she picked up the role and delivered beyond his expectation

In his words; It’s been a while since you have seen this talented face on set, After writing the Script, the role she took was challenging, I needed to ask her “can you take this role”, That’s because of the stress and challenge in it. She was virtually in all the scenes.

Death Sentence will be out this coming Sunday
Death Sentence will show on Fejosbaba TV (22nd of January)
Ejo iku the Yoruba will show on Fejosbaba TV Yoruba (25th of January)
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